10 best electric cars for the longest range: which is the best kilometer?


Going electric is increasingly becoming a mainstream trend, but that doesn’t mean everyone is convinced. In fact, many buyers are put off by the prospect of range anxiety; ending up with an electric car (EV) that just can’t go as far on a single charge as it needs.

But the latest wave of electric cars are capable of very respectable range – the kind that means you can get a week’s commute on a single charge, and still have enough power left for a weekend day. .

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Cars like these, which will need to be recharged less often, could be an answer to the prayers of those who have an electric car but don’t have a driveway to recharge it. And for those who do, that means more distant destinations are easier to reach – and it presents the possibility of an EV as the only car in the household.

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So what are the longest-range electric cars on sale today? We’ve found the top 10 and ranked them in order of their official World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) range. And for the first time, under optimal conditions, the 10 can now travel over 330 miles on one charge.

It should be noted that a year ago, only three cars were able to cover this distance. Times are changing ‘. And such is the rate of progress that we will need to update this article even more frequently than before.

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The best electric cars for the longest range

10. Polestar 2 – 335 miles