10-franc day ticket for public transport for young people


“It must not be that renting a car is cheaper than public transport”: Trains and buses should become massively cheaper for young people

Florence Brenzikofer wants to make trains, buses and trams more attractive for young people – with a day ticket for 10 francs.

In future, children and young people up to the age of 27 should be able to use the entire public transport network on weekends for CHF 10.

Christof Schürpf/ Keystone

From rail grumps to public transport enthusiasts: Florence Brenzikofer wants to get young people interested in public transport in the long term. The Green National Councilor is calling for a 10-franc day pass on weekends. Anyone under the age of 27 who travels by train, bus or boat on Saturdays or Sundays should pay a maximum of ten francs. “The goal must be that practically all young people use public transport in their free time for longer distances,” says Brenzikofer. Because the shift of private transport from road to rail is “a decisive lever so that the net zero target in the transport sector can be achieved”.