11 procedures and controls for the uniform and outward appearance of students in schools


The school attendance guide for the current academic year in government schools set 11 procedures and controls on school uniforms and the outward appearance of students, stressing the obligation of all students to wear school uniforms according to the approved design for each episode, and in accordance with the school uniform guide.

The guide stressed the importance of wearing the school uniform in its elegant, tidy and clean appearance, with the obligation to wear the “sheila” from the fifth to the twelfth grade, and a commitment to the length of the school uniform that ensures modesty for students.

Students are required to wear black flat shoes, and sports shoes are prohibited, while male and female students can wear sports shoes with their school uniform during the days when sports classes are available, or when the requirements of non-class activities and events.

The guide stressed that the hair length and hairstyle should be compatible with the local community acceptance, and that its color should be natural, with the need to stay away from applying nail polish and clear make-up in the school, indicating that continuous scrutiny will be carried out to ensure that all students are committed to wearing the school uniform, and parents will also be notified. Students in the event that their children do not abide by the rules of the school uniform and the student’s external appearance, to take the necessary measures.

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On the policy of permission and leave, the guide called for urging students to adhere to school hours, according to the time specified in the school work guide, stressing that students are not allowed to leave except with their parents, with the need to present the ID card at the main gate.

The guide prohibits students from seeking permission and leaving them without an acceptable excuse, as well as preventing students from leaving because of family visits and recreational trips.

On the other hand, the guide stressed adherence to school bus ride times at the beginning and end of the morning shift, and maintaining the general hygiene of buses, while maintaining calm, speaking in a low voice, and not causing riots and chaos, or making loud noises and disturbing others on the bus.

The guide stressed the need to preserve the public property of the school bus, including seats and windows, and not to damage them in any way, including cutting or writing on them, and the obligation to sit on the seats designated for students, and not to stand or sit on the edges of the seats, and students are only allowed to disembark at the homes of their relatives only .

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The guide stressed that the use of the school bus is restricted to students of the specified residential area, and no student will be disembarked on the public street to move to the neighboring residential area.

On the other hand, government schools have activated a list of student behavior for the current academic year by defining tasks, responsibilities and controls set by school administrations for students and their families, to be a guide and helper for the school community in making the right and wise decision towards students’ problems and attitudes, and based on the students’ need for support and assistance in everything Concerning the application of regulations, especially those related to student behavior.

The introductory guide to the student behavior regulation in realistic education included the definition of violations and their degree, and the procedures that are taken towards those violations. And work on all that is mentioned in it, in addition to stimulating positive behaviors, and his pledge to encourage and care, and to be keen to reduce the behavioral problems of his children.

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The regulation stressed the importance of the student’s guardian’s obligation to pay the value of repairing or replacing what was damaged or lost.

11 turns for the student

Schools have identified 11 roles for the student, which are self-discipline, commitment to attendance, attendance at school times, responsibility for his learning and behavior, analysis of positive attitudes towards his learning, in addition to commitment to positive behavior, striving to achieve standards of outstanding behavior, and respect for the laws contained in the regulations. And treat it as a responsible person.

• The guide stressed the obligation to sit on the seats designated for students in school buses, and not to stand or sit on the edges of the seats, and students are only allowed to disembark at the homes of their relatives.

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