18 full-size duvet sets to give your bed a cozy upgrade


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A full size polyester duvet set with over 28,000 five star reviews

Made of 100% polyester material, it includes two pillowcases, a duvet, a fitted sheet, a bed skirt and two pillowcases.

Promising review: “Love the pattern on this set. It’s very soft and the sheets and pillowcases have been washed and dried nicely, and the bed skirt ties everything together.” — Jodi Burlison

way fair

A full size Eddie Bauer duvet set that is reversible

This duvet set is designed with 100% cotton and comes with a reversible duvet and two shams.

Promising review: “This bed set is beautiful! Bought it for the upcoming holidays and it didn’t disappoint. I love that it’s reversible so it can have two different views. One side gives a modern farmhouse look and the other gives a ‘Cabin look’ vibe. It includes the reversible duvet and two shams I paired with holiday pillows. The material is soft to the touch and did I mention it’s gorgeous? I love this bed set.” — Clarissa


A full-size circular pattern duvet set

This set comes with a 100% cotton duvet and two shams.

Promising review: “Marimekko patterns and textiles have been my favorite for years, so I was really excited about this item (I had my eye on it for a while). The pattern is an eye-catcher and looks great in my bedroom. It fits perfectly with my bed , and it’s nice and warm. I’m VERY happy with my purchase.” – Anonymously

Urban Outfitters

A full size jungle duvet set that plant lovers will appreciate

The set consists of a duvet and two pillowcases made of a mix of cotton and polyester.

Promising review: “For all my plant lovers, this bedding set is for you! Urban always has high quality duvets (breathable yet warm), and this one is no different! Can be a great accent piece for any room and it’s big! I’m a little crazy that it went on sale right after I bought it at full price, but having said that, buy it while you still can.” — lberk

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A full size boho duvet set that gives off all those soothing vibes

Comes with a duvet and two pillowcases made of microfibre material.

Promising review: “I can’t say enough about this duvet! It really is the softest material and the best weight I’ve ever experienced. It completely contours to your shape, unlike other duvets that just lie on top of you. The pattern is perfect for my style and washes wonderfully. I have a double bed, but ordered a king size bed so I don’t need a bed skirt. Love, love, love this duvet!” — Amy


A velvet full-size duvet set made of silky soft material

Uses a hypoallergenic polyester filling and includes a duvet, two pillowcases and a decorative pillow.

Promising review: “I’ve had this bedding for years and it’s still in great condition. Velvet is soft and I get compliments on it all the time. It’s also great if you have pets, there are no animal hairs to be seen at all.” – Are I


A full size geometric duvet set

Made from 100% microfibre material and contains a duvet, two pillowcases and a decorative pillow.

Promising review: “It’s super comfy! The duvet is fluffy but light, and it still looks comfortable going into spring. The gold is a bit bolder than I expected, it almost looks like foil. Still very pretty.” — lizmatt


According to reviewers, a full size microfiber duvet set is super cozy

Includes a duvet and two pillowcases.

Promising review: “The fabric is so soft and feels great! It smelled a little when opened, but I threw it in the washing machine right away. When I took it out of the dryer, it was fine! Soft as always, smelled good, and fits perfectly by the bed! It’s on the lighter side for a duvet, but it’s exactly what I wanted and hoped for. Excellent price for the product.” — Alison Emerick

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A tufted full-size duvet set made with 100% polyester filling

Each set comes with a duvet and two pillowcases.

Promising review: “This is hands down my favorite comforter I’ve ever had. Such a neutral yet gorgeous room decor and style – and it’s so fluffy. It makes getting out of bed even harder! Definitely recommend!” — mbetz


An artful 8 piece full size duvet set

The set is made of 100% microfibre material and consists of a duvet, two pillowcases, a decorative pillow, a flat/fitted sheet and two standard pillowcases.

Promising review: “I really love this bedding set! it’s well worth the price. The little throw pillow was really what sold me, it makes my bed as neat as it was made. Definitely recommend!” — Reagan Schmidt


A full size marble duvet set for anyone who wants to make a statement

The set uses a polyester material that is breathable and includes a duvet and two pillowcases.


A hotel-worthy reversible full-size duvet set

The 100% microfibre material comes with a duvet and two shams.

Promising review: “Bought this duvet for my preteen son who loves a soft and comfy blanket but needed a good duvet. This duvet doesn’t disappoint! It’s super soft, fluffy yet lightweight for our warm summer nights here in Florida. He loves it love this duvet as much as I do! I bought two and gave one to my parents for their guest room at their home! Nothing but positive comments from everyone! Will be buying another one soon.” — Amazon customer


A full size floral duvet set

It is made of breathable cotton and comes with a duvet and two pillowcases.

Promising review: “This duvet set is so pretty! I used it for our guest bedroom which is a natural garden theme. The colors really brighten up the room without being loud and the ladybugs are so sweet! It’s definitely not just for kids, it’s very versatile. a nice set!” — Miss Bernadette

A monochromatic 7 piece full size duvet set

This set consists of a duvet, a fitted sheet and four pillowcases.

Promising review: “I was expecting some kind of crappy set that would help me in college this year, but the comforter is SO comfortable and the sheets were softer than the sheets I got from Target last year. For the friendly price of $50, this comfy set is amazing Not to mention the FOUR pillowcases included I love the colors too! — Jasmine


A full size woven stripe five piece duvet set

Comes with two throw pillows, two pillowcases and a duvet.

Promising review: “This is one of the most comfortable AND stylish bedding sets I’ve ever bought. WASHES GOOD. The stitching has fallen apart a bit due to dog nails, but any bedding set would have real stitching detail, which this set does.” – among


A full size dinosaur duvet set for kids

Made from a microfibre material with a duvet, a blanket and two pillowcases.

Promising review: “This is my second time buying a Pillowfort bed set. I absolutely love them! They wash well, stay fluffy and the material is soft and breathable. My toddler drags her set around the house and cuddles with it every morning the couch !” — Chelsea

A pleated full-size duvet set that exudes elegance and simplicity

The set is made of 100% polyester and contains a duvet and two shams.

Promising review: “This duvet is so incredibly lightweight and gives you just the right amount of warmth. It also stays at a nice temperature all night long, and let’s talk SOFTNESS! This is not your standard/cheap duvet that has to compromise on material quality for the price – it feels almost satiny, but without the satin sliding and sliding. I am very impressed with this duvet and the two pillowcases – super soft too.” — Benji in AL


A full-size color block duvet set made from 100% cotton

It comes with a duvet and two matching standard pillowcases.