2195 specialists serving people of determination in health facilities in Dubai


The Dubai Health Authority announced that the total number of licensed health professionals in Dubai has reached more than 53,000 professionals, including 2,195 specialists in caring for people of determination, while the number of specializations serving people of determination has reached 14 specializations, in which professionals representing 81 nationalities work. .

Dr. Marwan Al-Mulla, Executive Director of the Health Regulation Sector at the authority, said on the occasion of the authority’s participation in the “International Expo for People of Determination”, the leading exhibition in the world specialized in enhancing the quality of life of people of determination,

Dubai Health Authority gives people of determination the greatest attention, and considers this group at the top of its priorities, and therefore it is keen to provide all means of integrated care for this dear group, and to surround it with the attention it deserves, and with the best care.

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He explained that this concern represents a major part of the Authority’s policy, and an important axis for all development work that it undertakes, while stressing that all health facilities wishing to work in the Emirate of Dubai in all its categories must be friendly and equipped to receive people of determination in operational terms, taking into account their commitment Dubai Building Code from the engineering point of view.

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Al-Mulla pointed out that the number of health professionals qualified to deal with people of determination, amounting to 2195, covers the required services, but the authority always aspires to the best, and is working to increase this number in all specialties, in order to expand the scope of care and meet all the needs of people of determination in the face. desired, and at a level that exceeds their expectations.

He pointed out that the authority did not specify a specific percentage of health professionals qualified to deal with people of determination, and left this aspect to each health facility according to its activity, nature of work and services, but he also stressed that there is a commitment and responsibility of medical facilities towards people of determination.

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As for the specialties available in the facilities of health professionals who deal with people of determination, Al-Mulla stated that they mostly include pediatricians, rehabilitation doctors, orthopedists, psychiatrists, and others, in addition to the categories of nursing, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, clinical psychology, speech therapy, audiology, occupational therapy, and others.

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