26 Mumbai vaccination centers closed, Maharashtra flags after center charge


Covid: Maharashtra continues to be the worst affected state with the highest number of cases.


Twenty-six vaccination centers have been closed in Mumbai, Maharashtra said today. State Health Minister Rajesh Tope said they were waiting for more vaccine doses from the Center.

Vaccination was halted in parts of the state last night.

Among the neighborhoods that stopped beating was Satara. According to Vinay Gouda, director general of Satara Zilla Parishad, the authorities have run out of doses. Pune has also closed more than 100 vaccination centers due to a vaccine shortage, Nationalist Congress Party MP Supriya Sule tweeted.

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Maharashtra’s Health Minister Rajesh Tope told The Bharat Express News: “Vaccine stocks in the state only remain for three days.”

The minister said he told the Union Health Ministry that they did not have doses of the vaccine and most vaccination centers and had to shut down. “They are sending people back because of the lack of doses,” he informed Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan, he said.

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Maharashtra’s claim had placed him on a collision course with the Center. Dr Harsh Vardhan had accused the state of making false statements to distract from its mismanagement of the epidemic.

“The failure of the government of Maharashtra to act responsibly is beyond comprehension … The nonchalant attitude of the state government has singularly hampered the efforts of the entire country to fight the virus,” said said Dr Harsh Vardhan.

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Today, Maharashtra’s Minister of Health Rajesh Tope said, ‚ÄúThis is not an issue that the Center and the State should be grappling with. Maharashtra has double the population of Gujarat. Gujarat got a crore of doses and we have a crore of doses.

“We don’t want to blame anyone,” he added.



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