3 conditions for adding the service period of a “retired” citizen wishing to return to work


The General Pension and Social Security Authority confirmed that the addition of previous service periods would contribute to increasing the chances of the insured to obtain the retirement pension, as a result of adding the previous service period to the subsequent service period, so that the service period becomes continuous.

The insured shall be treated upon settlement of his insurance rights based on the sum of the two periods together.

The authority clarified, through its official pages, that a retired citizen wishing to return to work may add his previous service period to the subsequent service (after joining a new job), if three main conditions are met, the first of which is that the pensioner submit a request for inclusion within a year from the date of his return. To work, and the second is to return the pensions (since the date of returning to work) to the Authority, and finally, that his age upon returning to work should not exceed 55 years.

She pointed out that the cost of adding the service is calculated in this case based on the difference between the pension calculation salary and the contribution calculation salary, on the date of submitting the addition application, as the addition equation is represented in (the difference between the pension calculation salary and the contribution calculation salary at the date of submitting the application for addition multiplied by 20% multiplied by the The period of service to be added in months), adding that if the salary of the pensioner’s contribution account returning to work when submitting the application for addition, is equal to or less than the amount of his retirement pension, the addition of the pension period shall take place without the applicant bearing any costs.

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The authority stated that there are provisions entailing the return of the pensioner to work, the most prominent of which is the suspension of his retirement pension if his salary in the new work is equal to or more than the amount of the pension he receives, but if this salary is less than the pension, he is disbursed from the pension within the limits of the difference between them.

According to the authority, the insured citizen can add a previous service period within the state to his subsequent service period covered by the provisions of the law before the end of his service. Nationality, previous service in the Development Council or the Kuwait office, and any previous service period in any entity approved by the Authority’s Board of Directors, provided that the insured is on the job, and submits a written request to the employer for the period to be joined before the end of his services, and that the service period for which he He wishes to include it that has expired for one of the reasons for the complete deprivation of the pension or the reward, and that these periods shall not be temporary, daily wages (daily wages) or one of the training periods prior to appointment.

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And she stated that, based on the decision of the Board of Directors of the General Pension and Social Security Authority No. 1 of 2021, which entered into force this year, the foundations for the installment of the costs of adding the previous service period have been updated, so that the insured is allowed to pay the costs of adding the entire service period in installments without requiring the reward to be refunded as a payment first. The insured can also pay the costs of adding the service in one go or in monthly installments, so that the premium is not less than a quarter of the salary, and the installment period does not exceed four years, or the end of the insured’s service period, whichever comes first.

The insured, who has an effective request to add the service period, may submit a new request to add another service period, provided that the first request is settled by calculating the added periods in a way that corresponds to the amounts actually paid, provided that the new total period is recalculated based on the new addition costs calculated on his contribution salary. The date of filing the new application.

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The authority warned of the possibility of canceling the joining request if the insured failed to pay two consecutive or intermittent installments, noting that the added period was calculated in a way that corresponds to the amounts actually paid. In this case, the insured must submit a new application if he wishes to add the rest of the period, or a request to add a new previous period of service through the current employer.

663.5 million dirhams of August pensions

The General Pension and Social Security Authority confirmed that the total value of retirement pensions that were disbursed to the beneficiaries during the month of August amounted to 663.5 million dirhams, from which about 45,622 retirees and beneficiaries benefited.

The authority refuted the value of the disbursed pensions, as the total pensions disbursed to beneficiaries affiliated to the authority amounted to 393 million, 392 thousand and 107 dirhams, to about 18,752 retirees, and 8499 beneficiaries, while 270 million 191 thousand and 794 dirhams were disbursed to beneficiaries affiliated with the Ministry of Finance, including 581213 civilians. 1,558 soldiers.

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