4 rehabilitation programs for “violent women” to restore psychological balance


The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children has included four types of programs to rehabilitate women and children victims of violence.

These programs aim to help victims to gain the strength and skills necessary to restore their psychological balance, and recover their ability to deal with life and family challenges and complexities.

The Foundation’s Acting Director-General, Sheikha Saeed Al-Mansoori, said that the programs include vocational training, craft training, life skills training, and training on social interaction and integration into society, through participation in recreational activities and competitions.

She added: “The Foundation supports and cares for women victims of violence who have been subjected to physical, verbal, sexual and moral abuse, and is assisted by providing temporary shelter, including all daily necessities and needs, such as food and clothing, in addition to providing psychological, social and health support.”

Al-Mansoori told “Emirates Today” that the Victims Empowerment Program contributes to the rehabilitation of battered cases of women and children so that they can gain strength and skills that help them face life’s challenges, adding that “their possession of various capabilities and skills facilitates the process of integrating them into society, which contributes to Ultimately, strengthening the factors capable of breaking the cycle of violence.”

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Al-Mansoori explained the details of vocational training, which aims to enable victims to engage in the work environment, by providing programs, courses and workshops that contribute to the development of their professional skills, and the skills of managing small and micro projects in various platforms, such as home, exhibitions and companies. It included examples of training courses in the professional field, including English language, management, secretarial courses, computer courses, customer service courses, project management courses, and workshops supporting the program, such as job interview workshops, and CV preparation, Work etiquette and personal financial management.

She also referred to the craft training program that aims to develop the technical skills of the victims, and teach them simple and easy technical professions, to help them in the future in making simple products that can be sold and benefited from. Al-Mansoori listed examples of craft training workshops, which include embroidery on sustainable bags, and how to use different colors, such as wood, watercolor, and acrylic, to produce paintings of different sizes, in addition to coloring on pottery, making accessories using colored threads, and making wall decorations. .

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It also addressed the life skills training program, which aims to raise awareness and educate victims in various life topics, through holding lectures and organizing workshops in the field of self-development and marital life, raising children, and other related topics that contribute to raising their efficiency and capabilities. She added that this type of training, which is carried out in cooperation with various authorities and associations, contributes to making them more able to keep pace with developments and assume various responsibilities.

She added that the empowerment program also includes training on integration into society, through the implementation of recreational programs in which victims participate during their stay in the Foundation’s shelter, adding that the Foundation is keen to organize many workshops and recreational events that include garden and barbecue trips, and attending external cinema parties. Participation in attending artistic events, participation in handicrafts meetings and recreational competitions, in addition to creating an atmosphere that breaks the routine inside the care home, such as ordering meals from fast restaurants instead of eating foods prepared inside the shelter.

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Al Mansouri drew attention to the Foundation’s efforts to spread societal culture, which supports efforts to support and rehabilitate victims of violence among women and children, through the participation of the Foundation’s Education and Community Service Department in conferences, or holding workshops and educational lectures through social media channels and audio and print media.

Sheikha Al Mansouri:

“Victims’ acquisition of different capabilities and resources facilitates their integration into society.”

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