5 issues that annoy NBA 2K21 users on PS5 and Xbox Series X


NBA 2K21 remains my favorite version of the series, but as I mentioned in my review, it’s not without its issues.

Playing through multiple modes and observing objective feedback from the 2K community, it’s clear that these five issues in multiple modes are preventing NBA 2K21 from reaching its potential.

Server stability in the city and MyTeam

It looks like it’s like a record broken with NBA 2K games, especially in the first few weeks after release. When you consider that the next-gen version of the game has only been out for 10 days on PlayStation 5 and 12 on Xbox Series X, it really isn’t too much of a concern that the game still has lag and connectivity issues.

Having said that, some of the cases in which users encounter these issues are unacceptable. Limiting the number of people who can enter the city is a tough pill to swallow. I heard and was told that 2K is working on a fix for this problem, and I guess that would be high on their priority list.

The other serious issue we are seeing when it comes to connectivity / lag is MyTeam. Because 2K is facilitating the early stages of its annual $ 250,000 MyTeam tournament, it makes these problematic spots all the more expensive.

NBA 2K League veteran and multiple tournament participant Jin captured and posted that moment that saw him or his opponent stay away from a recent game.

If 2K is hosting eSports competitions online, it should do everything in its power to ensure good connectivity.

Contact Dunks in the PARK, Rec and Pro-Am

Perhaps one of the most common gameplay complaints I’ve heard comes from users claiming that contact dunks are mastered in PARK, Rec, and Pro-Am. The mechanic looks similar even in NBA parts of the game, but since the number of players with the Posterizer badge is not as prevalent, that’s not a problem.

However, in MyPlayer contests there probably needs to be an adjustment to give big men a bit of breathing space.

Play now Saving results online

One of the most overlooked parts of the game is Play Now Online. It has generally performed well, but this year there is an issue with the way game results are recorded.

I have played several games on Xbox and PS5 on the next gen, and more often than not the correct result was not saved and also did not reflect my record correctly. Honestly, if you are someone who takes pride in your online record, this problem demotivates you to play the mode.

Image Downloader

2K has the best customization suite of any sports video game on the market. Part of what makes 2K’s customization options so great is its image downloader. You can basically take an image from your computer and add it to your uniforms or your court to rename a team, or to customize the appearances of your MyTeam. Unfortunately, after you upload an image to the NBA 2K site, you cannot find it when you search for it in the game.

All of my search results were unsuccessful and it looks like a lot of people are having the same issue when I uploaded probes to social media. I have spoken with 2K about this and they are aware of the problem. A fix should arrive “soon” for the problem.

Tattoos do not carry over to custom draft classes

Adding tattoos to Offline Creation Players was a big win for List Creators, but they don’t transfer when Draft Classes are uploaded. I’m not sure if this is a restriction or a problem that needs to be addressed like the loopholes mentioned above.

Hopefully it’s the latter.

I’m still having a blast with NBA 2K21, but the experience would be even better with these improved things.


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