51% of new Tejas fighter jets will be equipped with Uttam radars, according to DRDO president


In line with the Indian government’s request for indigenous components in defense equipment, approximately 51% of the new LCA Tejas fighters to be integrated into the Indian Air Force (IAF) would be fitted with locally developed Uttam radars. Uttam radars will replace the Israeli radars that are there in the first batch of these planes.

This is seen as a boost to indigenous defense technologies and would increase the role of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) with respect to Tejas aircraft.

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It should be noted that approximately 123 Tejas planes will be inducted into the IAF. The IAF will get around 40 in initial and final operational clearance configurations and 83 Tejas Mark-1A aircraft on order earlier this month. The first 40 will be equipped with Israeli mechanical radars and 83 Mk-1A fighters will receive active scanning electronically controlled radars (AESA).

The The Bharat Express News quoted the chairman of the defense research and development organization, Sateesh Reddy, as saying: “We are going to produce the Uttam radar for the 21st Tejas Mk-1A. Uttam has performed better than expected. in testing so far. “

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Reddy further added that they had signed a memorandum of understanding with the HAL on this matter. About 63 of the 83 will therefore be native Uttam radars developed by the DRDO laboratory, LRDE (Electronics and Radar Development Establishment).

Uttam is an EASA radar capable of tracking targets and taking high-resolution images necessary for reconnaissance missions. Uttam’s project director Seshagiri P said he was being tested on two LCAs and an executive jet.

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The The Bharat Express News quoted him as saying: “On LCAs, testing is currently in air-to-air mode. Radar range should be almost proportional to the launch of a BVR weapon (beyond visual range). . yes. But we get a lineup that is better than that. We’re a few exits away from starting a joint assessment. After that, it will be ready for user assessment. “



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