6,500 drivers caught driving five roads in Sengkang in 18 months


SINGAPORE: Between September 2019 and February this year, 6,500 drivers were caught driving on five roads in Sengkang.

They were arrested along Fernvale Street, Fernvale Link, Jalan Kayu, Fernvale Road and Sengkang West Way, Home Secretary K Shanmugam said in a written response to a parliamentary question on Monday (April 5).

MP Gan Thiam Poh (PAP-Ang Mo Kio) – who oversees the neighborhood where the roads are located – asked how many drivers were caught speeding on these five roads in the past 18 months. He also asked if these roads should be considered “red zones for speeding”.

While traffic police do not define the areas as “red speeding zones,” Sengkang West Way accounted for the “vast majority” of speeding offenses on the five roads, Shanmugam said.

“For Sengkang West Way, the traffic police are also studying the feasibility of deploying radar to increase deterrence,” he said.

Besides speeding tickets, Mr. Gan also called on authorities to crack down on drivers who illegally modify their vehicles’ engines, causing excessive noise.

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Mr Shanmugam said that the traffic police and the Land Transport Authority carried out joint operations, including at these locations, to detect speeding tickets and illegal modifications of vehicles.

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Speaking to TBEN, Mr Gan said he asked the question based on comments from residents.

“Residents have written to me, sharing with me complaints about the speeding issue,” he said. Their problems include being woken up by loud noises from vehicles that may have been illegally modified in order to go faster, he said.

He has called on the authorities to take action since last year, he added.

“Residents suggested a permanent camera – it’s a more durable solution,” he said.

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Residents living near roads told TBEN the noise sometimes interrupted their sleep.

Ms Murni Salim, who has lived in the area for about six years, said the noise started around midnight and kept her up until 3 a.m.

“The exhaust becomes“ pop pop pop ”. They speed up, otherwise it (the sound) can’t become “pop pop pop”, ”she said.

The 55-year-old, who lives on the fourth floor, said she would hear vehicles moving. One car, in particular, leaves from the parking lot which is linked to its own block.

The living room and bedrooms in its flat Sengkang West Way face.

Another resident, Ms. Voo Li Oi, 40, said vehicles were driving “in circles” in the area. Parts of his house face Sengkang West Way.

“It’s irritating, so I went to check on what had happened,” said Ms Voo, who has lived in the area for over a year. She saw motorcycles and cars running along the road, she said.

To reduce noise, she must close her windows.

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Like Ms. Voo, Ms. Chen Jiahui, 35, has no choice but to close her windows to reduce noise.

Ms. Chen, who has lived in the area for 16 years, said the speed was “rampant” in the area. On one occasion, a few months ago, the noise woke her eight-month-old daughter.

“Every night, I close the windows, it’s better. Otherwise there will be sudden noises, ”she said.

However, she noted that the situation had improved recently after authorities stepped up enforcement.

Anyone caught speeding can be fined up to S $ 1,000 and up to three months in jail. Anyone who unlawfully modifies a vehicle can be fined up to S $ 5,000 and up to three months in prison. The penalties can be doubled for repeat offenders.

Mr. Gan said that while most complaints are about loud noise at night, speeding occurs during the day.

“I need to protect my residents. There are schools and daycares nearby, ”he says.



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