74-year-old man blocks universal paid leave


A 74-year-old man is blocking Congress from providing American workers with paid family and medical leave, leaving the United States as the only industrialized country without such a mandate.

On Wednesday, Senate Democrats said they should drop the provision of their Build Back Better legislation because they couldn’t convince Joe Manchin from West Virginia to join us.

“The fact that this older white gentleman, who may never have had to deal with family care or the risk of losing his job or being unable to pay his bills, could keep paid time off close. 20 million people a year is shocking and overwhelming, ”said Vicki Shabo, senior researcher at the New America Foundation.

The final number is expected to be less than $ 2,000 billion. And to get there, Democrats have had to eliminate, or cut back, highly sought-after programs.

As reported by The Bharat Express News, Manchin privately expressed concerns about the cost of providing paid time off, as well as the potential for fraud.

Democrats had tried to scale back their proposal to meet cost constraints and satisfy Manchin. He went from offering 12 weeks off to just four. Then there were discussions about ending sick leave. But in the end, they could not come to an agreement and communicated as much to their colleagues in the House on Wednesday afternoon.

Manchin, however, said the Build Back Better package was not the place for this.

“I’m looking at everything, but putting this in a reconciliation bill – it’s major policy – is not the place to do it,” Manchin told The Bharat Express News.

Only 23% of private sector workers have access to paid family leave offered by their employer and 42% have access to medical leave.

Universal paid leave would allow workers to take time off for a new child, recover from illness, care for a critically ill family member, or issues arising from the military deployment of a loved one.

Supporters have been particularly frustrated that the possibility of a federal paid leave mandate was removed after the pandemic made it clear how essential it is for workers to be able to take time off without losing their jobs.

“I think it’s horrible that only one white man can make this decision,” said Dawn Huckelbridge, director of Paid Time Off for All. “But I think it’s also a failure of our whole government. It should have been a monumental legacy that we could have left to the American people in time of need. And it could have been a foundational program that would have helped all working families in this country. And we wasted this opportunity.