‘A**-Backward Blasphemy’: Former GOP Chair Flames ‘God Made’ Ron DeSantis Ad


The former Republican National Committee chairman fired Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Sunday for his incredibly arrogant, supposedly God-approved campaign ad as “retarded profanity” that will annoy most religious people.

DeSantis apparently earned his own 24 hours of special attention from God himself after creating things like the sun, moon and stars, the earth, animals, and every average human being on the planet.

But it “tells you what this white Christian nationalism is all about; that is what [the ad] appeals to. It’s not appealing to Sunday churchgoers, people who actually read the Bible,” he added.

“On the eighth day? Really? Church much? … does God need a protector? He could ask Moses to do that part, right?” Steele continued. “What the hell are you talking about? Oh, God needs someone to get out there and challenge the status quo? Have you ever heard of a man named Jesus?”

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“I don’t need Ron DeSantis to be Christ. I just want him to be governor, and that’s the problem. These idiots combine it all and think they are one and the same,” he said.