A House Divided: How This Family of Eagles-Giants Fans Get Along


PHILADELPHIA (TBEN) — In less than 24 hours, Lincoln Financial Field will be rocked as the showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants gets underway. The excitement for this playoff game extends nearly a thousand miles where one family takes the competition to a whole new level.

The Giants, who play in North Jersey, are the Eagles’ closest geographic rival. That proximity means that many fans of both teams live side by side in the Delaware Valley.

In some cases, they even marry each other.

Jay and Michelle Wolrich met in Bucks County in the late ’90s, but now live in Jacksonville, Florida.

“We just like to mock him,” Michelle said. “So it’s a lot of fun. Fun for the whole family, except him.”

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“And I hear ‘Wah, wah, wah,'” Jay said.

Michelle is a diehard Eagles fan. Her husband Jay is a diehard Giants fan. Jay’s father grew up in Queens.

Their 14-year-old son, Jordan, cleverly sided with his mother and is also a diehard Birds fan. It really is a house divided.

“So my son’s room is all decked out in Eagles. His office is Giants,’ said Michelle. “Usually on a Sunday when they’re not playing against each other, my whole family comes and we watch the Eagles in the living room. And he gets banished to his man cave. They’re all Giants. We don’t even want to see him.”

For example, they watch football games most weeks, but twice a year — and three times this season — it’s Eagles vs. Giants, which is obviously a different game day in this house.

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“World World III times five,” Jay said.

“It’s pretty intense,” said Michelle.

TBEN Philadelphia asked Jordan which of his parents is more of a sore loser when their team loses to the other team.

“He likes to shoot against the Eagles,” Jordan said. “We’re not shooting.”

“We’re actually pretty nice,” Michelle said. “He takes pictures because he doesn’t know what else to do.”

When TBEN Philadelphia asked Michelle to explain what it means to be an Eagles fan, she cited passion, loyalty, and the fact that wherever she wears Eagles clothing, someone will say, “Go Birds.”

She says it’s a lifestyle.

Here’s how Jay answered the same question.

“Right, Philadelphia fans. The most loyal, the best fans in the country. Look it up on the Internet,” he said. “Giants fans, the most stylish fans in the NFL, in the sport. Loyal, passionate. No matter the record, they’re there every day, from start to finish throughout the game. I can’t say that about Eagles fans.”

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“That’s all he does,” said Michelle. “I never say anything bad about the Giants, I just let our talent speak for us. He can’t.”

“I only speak the truth,” Jay said.

Michelle and Jay both admitted that the ribs never cross the line and at the end of the day nothing is more important than family.


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