A look at the new R3 billion district in Sandton


Property development group Atterbury says work on the new redevelopment of Barlow Park in Sandton has finally begun, after numerous delays.

The project was first unveiled in 2017, valued at R3 billion with an expected development time of six to eight years. However, the project suffered several delays due to the Covid pandemic and the ever-changing real estate landscape.

“While the wait has been long, we are fortunate to finally be able to begin development on Barlow Park,” the group said in a note. “It took numerous adjustments to make the plan work due to the changing real estate landscape, but we finally hit the first turn on July 7.”

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Bulk earthworks for the first phase of the project started in June 2022 and will transform the site of the business park that previously housed the headquarters of Barloworld Limited Corporate, Logistics and Equipment into a vibrant, modern, residential anchored mixed-use neighbourhood.

The original plan before development was that it would be anchored by corporate office parks, but Covid-19 and the resulting shift in the real estate landscape has made it a residential project.

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The development will include a new high-density residential area with ancillary uses including convenience stores, educational, commercial and healthcare as part of the overall project.

Phase 1 of the development includes 1,630 residential units, primary and secondary schools and 5,500 m² of convenience stores.

Atterbury said the development will focus on establishing a sustainable urban framework with multiple outdoor public green spaces forming a new green backbone around which all phases are planned.

The project has city developer Divercity, known for his work on Jewel City in Johannesburg – with the Moolman Group and Twin City Development also part of the project.

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Divercity said the housing development will provide 4,100 affordable housing units that are rich in amenities and secure at affordable prices, offering what it said will be “the first truly affordable rental district in a premium commercial hub.”

“By leveraging its asset management skills for rental properties, Divercity will perform asset management functions for the completed development,” it said.

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