A new system for monitoring school buses in Ajman


The Ajman Transport Authority reported that it has implemented a new control mechanism on school buses, with the aim of achieving the highest levels of student safety for different age groups, stressing its keenness to make student transportation safe through periodic inspection of the validity of electronic school permits to achieve the vision of the Emirate of Ajman.

Executive Director of the Public Transport and Permits Agency, Sami Ali Al Jallaf, said that a new system has been implemented to monitor expired permits or operate any vehicle in school transport activity without obtaining a permit, through the authority’s digital system SWIFT, and this system is characterized by ease of use, and enhanced user experience. And the customer’s journey to be easier according to the highest standards of distinguished government services.

He explained that this mechanism has been implemented since the beginning of this year, as it relies on modern and innovative technology, and the inspector was able to verify the existence of a valid permit for the school bus, while the inspector’s tasks are based on making sure that there is a supervisor on the bus while transporting students, operating the electronic arm, and making sure From providing the bus with cameras, and their effectiveness inside and outside the bus, in addition to the importance of having a first aid kit, and other basic specifications.

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This mechanism contributed to the automation of all violations of school transport in the emirate, as the violations include driving the school bus by an unauthorized driver, operating any vehicle in the school transport activity without a permit, and not operating the electronic parking arm of the school bus while it is stopping for students to get on or off. Violation of the school bus in the absence of any condition of the internal or external specifications of the bus approved by the Transport Authority.

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Al-Jallaf stated that a school bus driver or supervisor permit is obtained after passing the prescribed training programs to ensure their readiness to work in school transport and their readiness for the new year.

For its part, Ajman Civil Defense published a number of preventive instructions for the safety of students inside school buses, as part of the “Safety in School Buses” initiative launched by the Civil Defense General Command in parallel with the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

The instructions to be followed included the need to avoid speeding when school buses enter student parking lots near schools, and the need for drivers to receive training courses in safety, how to extinguish fires and first aid, and the “Safety in School Buses” initiative stressed the need to train workers in the use of an extinguisher, fire blanket and first aid. First, how to deal with minor accidents, calling on drivers to use side lights while stopping to get off or get off the school bus.

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The initiative’s guidelines pointed out the necessity of stopping the school bus when students board or disembark along the right sidewalk of the street, stressing the importance of the bus door being adjacent to the school door when students are getting off and on the bus.

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