“A referendum broke out in a month”: the “Friends of the Constitution” submit 55,000 signatures


At 8:20 am, members of the “Friends of the Constitution” began to open the boxes with the signatures on the terrace of the Bundestag building. The vast majority came without a mask. Only one member had the pleasure of showing up in protective gear.

Mainly, there was a sign with the inscription “Stop the arbitrary police”. The citizens’ movement had collected signatures against the federal law on police measures to combat terrorism (PMT). It had grown to 55,000. “We criticized a referendum in about a month,” campaign manager Sandro Meier said. “It’s great. Thank you for your commitment.”

Young parties submit 87,800 signatures

The “No to Arbitrary Paragraph” referendum committee, to which the young parties Young GLP, Juso and Young Greens and the Pirate Party belong, collected a total of 87,800 signatures. They also presented them on Thursday at the Federal Chancellery. At 9:30 am, one hour after the “Friends of the Constitution”.

This is how the referendum, which seemed to have failed in early December, proceeded with 142,800 signatures. That’s an incredibly high number, especially during a pandemic.

The “Friends of the Constitution” submitted two referendums

The citizen movement “Friends of the Constitution” was launched on August 1st. She defends the constitution and criticizes the official pandemic policy. Today it has around 2000 members.

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She presented two referendums in two days: Tuesday the referendum against the Covid law with 86,000 signatures and Thursday the referendum against the law on terrorism with 55,000 signatures.

“I quit my job and joined the resistance”

“About seven or eight months ago, I saw what was going on,” campaign director Sandro Marti said when handing over the signatures to the Federal Chancellery. By “there” he meant the pandemic. “I quit my job and joined the resistance.”

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Campaign manager Sandro Meier called on people to wear a mask.  Most members of

Campaign manager Sandro Meier called on people to wear a mask. Most of the “Friends of the Constitution” came without a mask. One member was present in a protective suit.

On Thursday morning, he was the first person to be approached by police during the tabling of the national referendum, he said. “I must say: my decision was right. The sovereign stands up against pandemic arbitrariness and also against the arbitrariness of the police. “

Journalist and editor Christoph Pfluger (“Zeit”) also gave a short speech. “The times to come need even stronger friends of the constitution,” he said. “You won’t find these friends in this house.” He pointed to the Federal Palace. “You are standing in front of the house.”



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