A team of 150 UP police goes to Punjab to bring back Mukhtar Ansari


The Punjab National Department had asked the UP authorities to place Ansari, a deputy of the BSP Mau, in Rupnagar prison on or before April 8 following a decision of the Supreme Court of March 26, on the demand of the UP government, to transfer him to Banda prison in both. weeks.

Senior police officials said a 150-member team, including a provincial gendarmerie company, equipped with sophisticated weapons, left Banda on Monday morning to bring Ansari back from Punjab.

“The process of eliminating the Mafia has started,” Uttar Pradesh Minister Sidharth Nath Singh told reporters, saying the Punjab government had done everything possible to block Ansari’s transfer but that ‘he had to “bow to the pledge” of the government of Yogi Adityanath.

He claimed that tough measures would be taken against criminals, regardless of their religion or caste.

UP police say Ansari, who has been held in Rupnagar prison since January 2019 in connection with an extortion case, faces 52 cases in the UP and elsewhere, and 15 of them are being tried.

In a crackdown on his gang, police have arrested 96 criminals and so far seized, freed or demolished valuables 192 crore related to MLA and its associates.

Banda District Prison Acting Superintendent Pramod Tiwari said all arrangements had been made at Barracks No. 15 for Ansari and no other prisoners could enter the area.

“Three prison guards will be deployed inside the barracks,” he said.

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In its letter, the Punjab Interior Ministry asked the Uttar Pradesh (Home) Additional Chief Secretary to make appropriate arrangements for Ansari’s transfer as he suffered from certain medical conditions.

Allahabad Area Police Additional Director General Prem Prakash said on Sunday that an ambulance would be part of the convoy to Punjab.

A family member of Ansari said he feared for his life if brought to Uttar Pradesh. His wife Afshan Ansari had claimed he could be killed in a bogus encounter and demanded adequate security for him.

On Monday, Ansari’s brother and Ghazipur BSP MP Afzal Ansari expressed apprehension that a conspiracy could break out against him in the UP prison.

“The Ansari family is worried following media reports and statements by BJP leaders. However, the Ansari family is not afraid.

“Justice is still alive in the country. I am convinced that justice will prevail and that Mukhtar will be proven innocent in all cases,” he said.

The MP said he was proud of the independence of the judiciary in the country and that he was convinced that nothing untoward will happen to his brother.

“A plot may be hatched against Mukhtar Ansari in the UP prison. We will address justice on the issue of Mukhtar’s security. When a problem is created by the state government, then there is no no other choice but to seek the shelter of justice, “Afzal Ansari said.

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Meanwhile, in another twist, an ambulance used to transport Ansari to a court in Mohali, Punjab on Wednesday was found abandoned outside a roadside restaurant on the Chandigarh-Nangal highway in the Rupnagar district of Punjab, a the police announced on Sunday.

Police said they took the vehicle into custody.

Amidst strict security measures, Ansari was taken to court in a wheelchair that day.

A case has been recorded in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, after the ambulance documents were found to be false.

Uttar Pradesh police, officials said on Sunday, have set up a special investigative team to further investigate the issue of the ambulance’s false documents.

In the midst of an argument over the matter, a Punjab police official clarified that a detainee can be transported in a private ambulance for medical reasons and that the transport costs must be borne by the prisoner.

Additional Police Director General Prashant Kumar said in a statement Monday that there were 52 cases registered against Ansari in the UP and other states.

Of these, 15 are at the trial stage, the statement said, adding that the prosecution will soon be concluded and the culprits will be punished.

“Mukhtar (Ansari) had committed heinous crimes in eastern Uttar Pradesh, including the killing of police officers. He had formed a gang of criminals and snipers in the state.

“He had also established contacts with the Sahabuddin gang in Bihar to establish a strong criminal network and empire,” the statement said and added that Ansari has established its grip on the coal and contract market in the east. of the UP.

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The UP government has launched a vigorous action against Mukhtar Ansari and his collaborators by dismantling their empire under the Gangster Act.

“The estimated value of the assets of Mukhtar Ansari and his associates seized / demolished / released is over 192 crore, ”the statement read.

No less than 96 criminals from his gang have been arrested. A gangster law suit was brought against 75 criminals. The gun licenses of 72 criminals in this gang have been canceled or suspended. Action has also been taken against seven contractors from this gang, the statement said.

The Supreme Court recently ordered the Punjab government to hand over custody of Ansari to the Uttar Pradesh police, saying she was refused on trivial grounds under the guise of medical concerns.

The Supreme Court also said that a convicted person or a prisoner awaiting trial, who disobeys the law of the land, cannot oppose his transfer from one prison to another and that the courts should not be powerless spectators when the rule of law is contested with impunity.

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