“Abu Dhabi Health” sets 11 examinations for those who are about to marry


The Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health has identified 11 examinations for those who are about to marry, and divided them into three groups, stressing that the pre-marital examination plays an important role in reducing many genetic disorders in children, as it is possible to reduce genetic diseases and protect future generations by examining spouses before marriage. and provide them with appropriate advice.

The pre-marital examination and counseling service contributes to identifying the risks of contracting any common infectious or genetic diseases. Thus, the premarital examination and counseling service is the first major step towards ensuring a healthy and happy marriage, particularly for those who aspire to start a family and have children.

It also gives those wishing to marry the opportunity to consult a specialist and discuss any health concerns before marriage.

The Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health identified three groups of tests, including tests for infectious and transmitted diseases, including HIV tests, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, in addition to a syphilis test, while the second group included Examination of hereditary blood diseases, including tests for beta thalassemia (Mediterranean anemia), anaemia, and hemoglobin differences.

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The center pointed out that the third group includes tests and preventive measures, including blood type and immunity against rubella for women who did not receive a prior vaccination, vaccination against hepatitis B for the infected partner, in addition to other tests as required by the situation.

For its part, the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi confirmed that the pre-marital examination is mandatory for persons intending to marry in the United Arab Emirates, and includes undergoing tests for infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and genetic diseases such as beta thalassemia. , sickle cell anemia, and other rubella screening tests, blood type and compatibility, where the premarital examination and counseling aims to provide a healthy life for the spouses and disease-free offspring in the future. Prenuptial.

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The department pointed out that the pre-marital examination centers provide additional services to those who are about to marry according to the nature of each case, and this includes providing the MMR vaccine for women who do not have immunity to rubella, and providing the hepatitis B vaccine for those who are at risk of contracting the disease. A vaccination against the human papillomavirus is also given to those under 26 years old who have not received this type of vaccination before, due to its importance in preventing cervical cancer.

The department pointed out its keenness to refer cases that suffer from a history of genetic diseases to specialized consultants with the aim of providing advice on genetic diseases, which in turn contributes to helping the concerned parties make the right decision to complete the marriage or not, because of its significant impact in reducing the transmission of the disease. Genetic diseases of children.

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She stressed that if the pre-marital examination proves that one of the parties has an infectious disease, the necessary treatment is provided for the case and followed up by a specialized doctor, and the other party is notified and provided with the necessary information to reduce the transmission of the disease and give preventive vaccinations if necessary, pointing out that the next persons For marriage, they can visit a health facility in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, for pre-marital examinations.

Premarital examination and counseling aims to provide the couple a healthy life and disease-free offspring in the future.

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