Acceptable political solution in Syria needed: Jordanian minister and UN envoy say


Thu 2021-04-08 10:16

DUBAI: It is important to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis that is acceptable to the Syrian people, the Jordanian foreign minister and the UN special envoy to Syria said during a phone call between them.

Ayman Safadi and Geir Pedersen stressed the need to maintain the unity and territorial integrity of the country, restore peace, eliminate terrorism and end foreign interference to create an environment conducive to the voluntary return of refugees, during their discussion, the Jordan Times daily reported.

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Safadi reiterated Jordan’s support for the UN role and efforts to create a political solution in Syria under UN resolution 2254.

“As we seek progress towards a political solution, practical steps must be taken to improve the living conditions of Syrians in Syrian regions, including southern Syria, which will serve the stability of the country,” said the Jordan Times, quoted by Safadi.

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He also stressed the importance of providing support to communities hosting refugees, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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