Activist Disha Ravi, arrested in ‘toolbox’ case, obtains bail from Delhi court


Disha Ravi was arrested at her home in Bengaluru last week. (Deposit)

New Delhi:

Disha Ravi, the 22-year-old climate activist arrested in the “toolbox” case earlier this month, was released on bail Tuesday afternoon, subject to two bonds of Rs 1 lakh each.

Delhi police have accused Ms Ravi, who was arrested at her home in Bengaluru last week, and activists Nikita Jacob and Shantanu Muluk of collaborating with the pro-Khalistani group Poetic Justice Foundation to create the “box tool “- allegedly linked to the farmers demonstration on January 26 – to spark discontent against the government.

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They also accused the three of trying to revive a pro-Khalistani group.

During Ms Ravi’s bail hearing last week, Delhi Police’s reasoning that activists were in cahoots with secessionists and plotted to provoke violence during the rally of farmers’ tractors took hold. was severely tested, the judge calling it “guesswork.”

“What evidence have you gathered to show the link between her and the violence of January 26? You have discussed her role in the toolbox and she is in contact with the secessionists,” the judge of the additional sessions said, Dharmendra Rana.

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When Delhi police argued that “the plot can only be seen by circumstantial evidence,” the judge retorted, “So you have no evidence to link Disha to the January 26 violence?”

Delhi police had recorded a sedition case earlier this month on the “Toolbox,” which made headlines after it was tweeted by Swedish climate activist Greata Thunberg on February 3.



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