Adam Cole Says NXT Was Cool Before AEW + Cole When Meeting Vince McMahon, WWE Plans To Change His Name And Look


Adam Cole was on Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast this week to talk about his debut at AEW All Out, how it happened a few days before the show, his quasi-diaster on the day of the show, why he picked AEW over WWE, what Triple H and Vince McMahon told him, his 4 years in NXT, his friendship with Shawn Michaels and more.

Here are some highlights:

Cole opened up about his discussion with Vince McMahon regarding his integration into the master roster:

“I had a meeting with Vince which went very well. It was like a 30 minute conversation which was cool. I only spoke to him for maybe 2 or 3 minutes before that. I worked on the Survivor Series event, and he wanted to talk to us afterwards. He was really happy with the game, but no real conversation with him before, so it was the first time. He was very complimentary and very kind. The idea was for me to go to RAW or SmackDown and not stay at NXT, just because I was there for so long, and I think they knew, as much as I love NXT, if I was staying. in WWE, take that step. That was the gist of the conversation. It was definitely to move me to RAW or SmackDown.

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Has there been any discussion of what you would do on RAW or SmackDown? :

“Apparently there were a lot of ideas, but they were very vague on what exactly they wanted to do. I remember the first time I had the conversation they mentioned something about “Maybe we’ll change our name, or maybe we’ll change our look a bit”, so that’s me. a little scared. I just spent almost 14 years as Adam Cole. During our last conversation, they were definitely more open to me and myself. They could tell I wasn’t very excited about the idea.

Did you see this as a red flag?

‘Yeah, that’s definitely something that made me a little more shy about pulling the trigger on that one. Sure, they couldn’t have been nicer, but when I think about myself and my career, and what’s best for me, the idea that this was an option scared me a little. What if I go, and then something happens anyway? At this point, I can’t really say or do anything. The red flag is a perfect way to put it.

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Jericho provided his thoughts on why NXT switched to NXT 2.0:

“NXT was set up on Wednesday night obviously to fight AEW, and we’ll immediately delete, what the words ‘this ant company pissing’ were. what they were dealing with. It really backfired on them. NXT was so cool. You would go do your PPV shows on the weekends and get three times as many reactions in a sold-out arena as the PPV. When they pitted against each other. NXT to AEW, it really hurt the brand, where you lost the cool factor. AEW was the coolest, and NXT got sucked into it. I think as a result, Vince blames NXT. They’re mad at NXT. were lucky enough to beat AEW and they didn’t, now I’m going to take over and do it my way. Are you okay? “

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Cole replied:

“I think it’s definitely a possibility. At a phase before AEW, NXT felt really cool. We would do a TakeOver, and it would be sold out, 14,000 people with the crowd shaking all night. It reminds me a lot of how AEW is. They are there for every match and every false finish. Things obviously changed when AEW came along, and AEW became the real alternative and things like that. Without a doubt, the changes within NXT, or the changes in general within WWE, AEW has to play a role to some extent.

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