AEW Dynamite Total Audience Grows Amid Strong Competition from Media Coverage | TBEN


Live audience figures for AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT are available.

AEW was up while NXT was down in total viewership. It was AEW who took home victory this week and won the key demo. Last week’s numbers were heavily impacted by media coverage following the invasion of the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump supporters.

This week’s top 12 cable shows were all news related, which played a role in AEW and NXT’s numbers for a second week in a row. NXT achieved its lowest total audience since March 2020.

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Dynamite attracted 762,000 live viewers and NXT attracted 551,000 live viewers. Last week AEW drew 662,000 while NXT drew 641,000.

AEW ranked No. 31 in the Top 150 Cable Shows while NXT was No. 70. As is the case in most weeks, AEW won the demographic 18-49. Here’s the demographic breakdown though, since NXT failed to break into the Top 50 shows on cable, there’s no additional information on their demographics.

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Viewers 18-49 – AEW: 0.30 / NXT: 0.14
Female viewers aged 18 to 49 – AEW: 0.19 / NXT: N / A
Men aged 18 to 49 – AEW: 0.41 / NXT: N / A
Viewers 18-34 – AEW: 0.15 / NXT: N / A
Women aged 12 to 34 – AEW: 0.08 / NXT: N / A
Men aged 12 to 34 – AEW: 0.18 / NXT: N / A
Viewers 25-54 – AEW: 0.37 / NXT: N / A
Viewers 50+ – AEW: 0.26 / NXT: N / A

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