Afghanistan: Bomb explosion in busy Kabul street: 8 dead and more than 20 injured


A bomb explosion in a busy shopping street in Kabul shook Afghanistan. At least 8 people were killed and 22 injured in the explosion, Reuters news agency reported citing hospital officials and witnesses.

The bomb in the Afghan capital went off in the western district of the city, where members of the Shia minority community regularly gather. Responsibility for the terror attack was claimed by Islamic State, a militant Sunni Muslim group, through its Telegram channel.

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A team investigated the attack, helped injured people and estimated casualties at the site of the explosion, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said. Video footage posted online showed ambulances rushing to the accident site, which is located near bus stations.

This comes after an explosion on Friday that killed 8 people and injured 18. It comes for Ashura, marked mainly by Shia Muslims, to commemorate the martyrdom of Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Although the Islamic State has no control over Afghan territory, it attacks religious minorities in the country through sleeping cells, as well as patrols by the ruling Taliban.

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