AFL Requests Civil Rights Investigation into Lyft Abortion Policy


America First Legal (AFL) announced Thursday that it has asked the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to launch a civil rights investigation into Lyft’s abortion and diversity policies “to combat discrimination against women who bear children.”

AFL asked the EEOC to investigate the transportation company’s policy of providing employees with coverage for elective abortions and conditional reimbursement of travel expenses, while not offering equivalent compensation to a pregnant woman carrying her child to term. AFL, which describes itself as a public charity that “turns the legal tables on the radical activist left,” told the EEOC it believes Lyft’s policies violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.

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“The Company’s decision to provide ‘Elective Abortion Cover and Travel Reimbursement’ – which is properly classified as compensation and/or a privilege of employment – to a pregnant woman who chooses to abort her child, while any equivalent denying compensation or benefit to a pregnant woman who chooses life is prima facie violating statute,” AFL wrote.

Lyft announced on April 29, 2022:employees enrolled in our medical benefits in the US, including elective abortion coverage, we will cover travel expenses if these laws require travel outside of Texas and Oklahoma to [abort a pregnancy].” After the destruction of the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade on June 24, the company announced special employee benefits, including “reimbursement of travel expenses if an employee has to travel more than 100 miles for a provider in the network.”

AFL also told the EEOC that the company’s labor practices are unlawfully based on an employee’s immutable characteristics.

“Among other things, the company repeatedly admits to restricting, segregating or classifying employees or applicants in a way that would deprive individuals of employment and promotion opportunities, or have a tendency to deprive them of their race, color, gender or national origin. AFL wrote.

AFL President Stephen Miller, who served as top aide to former President Donald Trump, called Lyft’s actions “legal bigotry.”

“America First Legal launched the Center for Legal Equality to combat corporate racism, bigotry and systematic ‘awake’ misconduct. Lyft has committed gross violations of federal civil rights law, which discriminates against both pregnant mothers and Americans who do not conform to Lyft’s racial preferences,” Miller said in a statement. “This discrimination based on race and pregnancy is downright, clearly illegal — which is why we are filing this federal civil rights complaint today. We will not tolerate lawless bigotry.”

AFL also sent a letter to Logan Green, chief executive officer and director of Lyft, instructing him to keep all records “pending lawsuits” and to stop “all contract and employment practices that discriminate on the basis of race, color, color, gender or national origin…” The group also told Green to hire independent counsel for a full investigation and report on the company’s decision to offer the “travel benefit” to employees seeking elective abortions. , while denying “equivalent compensation to a pregnant woman who chooses life.”

Lyft did not respond to the request for comment at the time of publication.