After Ronaldo’s departure, Manchester United is still for sale as Apple is not interested in buying a football club


Manchester United recently announced that the board intends to “examine strategic alternatives”, including a possible sale of the club.

Apple currently has no plans to buy Manchester United football club. Yesterday, British tabloid The TBEN reported that Apple is interested in buying Premier League club Manchester United in a massive £5.8 billion deal. The report stated that Apple CEO Tim Cook is interested in exploring opportunities “owning United could provide”. However, a recent report from MacRumors suggests that the tech giant has no plans to buy Manchester United.

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While Apple has been pushing sports content lately, the report claims that a source with direct knowledge of the matter revealed that rumors about the Apple-Manchester United deal are false.

For those unaware, the club recently announced that the board intended to “examine strategic alternatives”, including a possible sale of the club. The announcement that top player Cristiano Ronaldo would be leaving Manchester United coincided with the release of the information.

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Meanwhile, it was confirmed that Manchester United owner Glazers had decided to put the club up for sale, 17 years after the American family bought the United. The Glazers bought the club in 2005 but became hugely unpopular.

It is worth noting that if Apple buys Manchester United, it will become the richest club in the world. (with input from IANS)

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