After the search of Sharad Pawar’s “Zamindar” in Congress, the party leader’s response


Nana Patole said Congress gave her land to several leaders to maintain it, but they stole it (File)


Comment by NCP chief Sharad Pawar suggesting that the situation in Congress is now one of impoverished landowners who have no land and cannot maintain their homes has sparked a strong backlash from Maharashtra’s Congress chief. , Nana Patole, Friday.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Patole also made a veiled reference to Mr Pawar’s exit from Congress more than two decades ago.

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“The leaders who were given power by Congress ultimately betrayed him,” said the state congressman.

“Congress has never been a party of zamindars… Congress has given its land to several leaders to maintain it, but they have stolen it over the years, “Patole added.

There will be a congressional prime minister in the country in 2024, he said.

Speaking to Marathi news portal Mumbai Tak on Thursday, Mr Pawar said there was a time when Congress was present from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. But the party would now have to accept that this was no longer the case, he had said.

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“When it comes to leadership, my colleagues in Congress are unwilling to take a different point of view,” Pawar added.

He also said that in the past he had spoken about Uttar Pradesh zamindars who lost land and ended up with only their havelis (mansions) that they could not maintain or repair, suggesting that the situation of Congress was so.

Elsewhere, commenting on Mr Pawar’s statements, BJP chief Devendra Fadnavis told reporters he had “shown Congress a mirror.”

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