Ahead of Amit Shah’s visit to Chennai, the choir grows for the release of Perarivalan


The release of Rajiv Gandhi convicted murderer, Perarivalan, has again emerged in Tamil Nadu. Only that, this time, coincides with many important events – Home Secretary Amit Shah’s visit to Chennai, Perarivalan’s case before the Supreme Court on Monday, the impending Assembly polls in Tamil Nadu and more. again.

Although Perarivalan was convicted in 1991 for supplying two 9-volt batteries that were used in the bomb that killed Rajiv Gandhi, it was later established that he was just buying the batteries, not knowing the plot. or what the batteries were going to be used for. He has been languishing in prison for over 29 years and many voices have called for his release.

Although Tamil Nadu’s political parties are fighting for the release of the seven convicted in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, Perarivalan’s cause is now enjoying renewed vigor on social media and members of the cinematic fraternity express also their support.

Vijay Sethupathi, Prakash Raj, Pa.Ranjith, PC Sreeram, Arya, Karthik Subburaj, Parthiban, GV Prakash Kumar, Vijay Antony etc. were prominent names in the film industry who expressed solidarity with Perarivalan’s family and demanded his release.

“It is unfair to prevent his release for political reasons, when the courts have cleared the way #ReleasePerarivalan,” reads director Pa.Ranjith’s tweet in Tamil.

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Actor Arya had tweeted that it was not only Perarivalan who had been incarcerated for over a quarter of a century, but that his mother also shared an equal amount of pain and suffering.

“DELAYED JUSTICE IS DENIED JUSTICE. If we had had sentencing exemption laws, perarivalan would have been legally absolved after this officer interviewed. Unfortunately, we still rely on existing laws for his release, ”Prakash raj tweeted, with a clip from former CBI investigator Thyagarajan.

Senior political analyst and journalist Dr. Sumanth C Raman argued that the mistake of all those who demand the release of 7 convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi murder case is to treat the 7 convicts as one group. . “They could have had Perarivalan released much sooner if they wanted to by asking that his case be treated separately from the others. Instead, they all hit it together, ”he added.

Listing the challenges in securing the release of the 7 convicts, he previously said that 3 of them were not Indian citizens and if they would be repatriated to their home country – Sri Lanka (if and once released).

Recently, Arputhammal, Perarivalan’s septuagenarian mother, appealed to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, demanding the immediate release of her son. In a video message, she demands that the chief minister pay personal attention to the case and make sure Perarivalan does not return to prison. Perarivalan (a) Arivu has been on medical parole since October 9 and the Madras High Court has agreed to extend his parole for two weeks in view of his health concerns.

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In his appeal, Arputhammal talks about his 30-year battle to secure the release of his son and refers to the CBI’s error in recording Arivu’s confession during the investigation. In 2017, CBI agent Thiyagarajan informed the Supreme Court of an error he made when drafting Perarivalan’s statement.

Arputhammal adds that his son had languished in prison for 30 years and despite his endless struggle for his release, he wasted his precious years in prison. “How long are we going to live…? we want our son in our last years… Make sure my son doesn’t go back to jail, Chief Minister, ”she said.

In recent weeks, Tamil Nadu ministers have expressed hope and talked about the possibilities of freeing seven convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. While this can be seen as comments coming closer in the wake of the Assembly polls scheduled for 2021, there are also indications that ministers’ hopes for Governor Banwarilal Purohit may bear fruit.

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Interestingly, these statements came shortly after Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit visited Delhi to meet with the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary, the MoS Prime Minister’s Office and the Deputy -President of India to discuss what the governor’s office has called “important issues related to Tamil Nadu”.

On November 3, a bench of the Supreme Court expressed its displeasure that the recommendation for the release of convicts Rajiv Gandhi sent to the governor by the state government had been pending for more than two years.

Earlier, he was informed that the reason for the governor’s late ending was due to the Multidisciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) investigation examining the larger plot behind the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. . However, the court ruled that the MDMA investigation should have no impact on the governor’s decision to pardon the convicts.

Seven people, including Perarivalan, were sentenced by the TADA special tribunal for their role in the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on May 21 by a suicide bomber from the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) during a rally election in Sriperumbudur, a suburb of Chennai.