Akwa Ibom: Udom government did not declare war on me – CoS, Inyangeyen – TBEN


Akwa Ibom State Governor Chief of Staff Ephraim Inyangeyen called the insinuations that Governor Emmanuel Udom had declared war on him strange.

Inyangeyen, reacting to allegations of a rift between him and the governor, claimed he had a cordial relationship with his boss and wondered why people would peddle such a lie in the media.

A local tabloid had alleged that Inyangeyen was fighting with the governor for allegedly supporting a 2023 gubernatorial candidate Senator Bassey Albert, the current senator representing the Uyo Senate district, against the will of his boss.

Inyangeyen stressed that he would not do anything against the interests of the governor.

The press release reads in part: “For the record, I have a very cordial relationship with my boss, chief and executive governor of Akwa Ibom State, His Excellency Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel and it is strange to ‘insinuate that he has declared war on me.

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Governor Emmanuel is currently focused on building good governance consistent with the implementation of his completion program and has repeatedly stated that it is too early to be distracted by the 2023 policy.

“Indeed, His Excellency has not given direction on the course of succession policy in 2023 and I am focusing on my duties as chief of staff and I have not stated that I support any aspirants for 2023.

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Governor Emmanuel has not stopped paying the fees due to the alleged dominance of those who sympathize with OBA, as the newspaper known for its yellow journalism claims, because everyone on the list is a member of our team who worked diligently for the Governor success in 2019.

“I advise purveyors of this despicable rumor-smuggling and tar-brushing profession to refrain from and pursue the principles of integrity, accuracy and impartial reporting in accordance with the noble profession of journalism and not to allow the use of their medium or platforms of mischief and disgruntled political elements.

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“As the grand patron of the Union of Journalists of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State Council, I continue to hold the accredited members and chapels of the Noble Union in high regard and charge them to purge their Union. disbelievers, charlatans and shakers.

“Finally, I promise my unwavering loyalty to Governor Udom Emmanuel and when he takes over leadership in 2023, I will follow him. I therefore urge the general public to ignore the vain diatribes and innuendos of those whose feet are in haste to stir up evil ”.

Akwa Ibom: Udom government did not declare war on me – CoS, Inyangeyen


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