Al Dhaid Municipality seizes unlicensed feed factory


Sharjah: Al Dhaid Municipality seized an unlicensed feed factory and housing for workers on a farm located on the Al Dhaid-Weshah road.

The municipality said its inspectors found four Asians, two of whom violated residence laws, operated the packaging plant and handled the distribution process.

Salem Saeed bin Khamis Al Tunaiji, head of the municipality’s operations department, said inspection teams from the operations, public health, safety and inspection and municipal engineering departments, in coordination with Al Dhaid police station, seized quantities of food of unknown source that did not meet the standards required for animal consumption. Mold has formed on them due to humidity and poor storage.

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Factory workers filled them into bags with false information written for a fictitious unlicensed company. Then they delivered them to stores. The inspection team also seized an unlicensed residence where the workers were staying.

He added that the seizure is part of Sharjah’s Executive Council guidelines to tackle violations by farm owners who use illegal business practices that are detrimental to public safety and public health.

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