Al-Rajoub: ‘Abbas autocracy sparked security chaos in West Bank’


Palestinian MP Sheikh Nayef Al-Rajoub said Friday that the autocracy of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has led to security chaos in the occupied West Bank. Al-Resala newspaper reported.

Al-Rajoub described the PA as “the worst repressive and autocratic regime” as all authorities are held by one man – his head.

He stated that Abbas dissolved parliament in 2007 and made himself the legislative and executive reference of the PA while he ruled through presidential decrees.

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“This situation led to many problems, including security chaos in the occupied West Bank,” Al-Rajoub said, referring to the recent attempt to assassinate former Prime Minister Nasser Al-Din Al-Shaer.

“If there had been a transparent judiciary and a free parliament, there would have been no security chaos or price hikes,” he stressed, calling for the importance of revamping PA institutions.

Al-Rajoub also called for a reform of the current constitutional, judicial and administrative courts, formed by the PA president rather than parliament.

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The MP also stated that Abbas monopolized the formation of Palestinian governments and stressed that all his decisions and decrees were unconstitutional.

Al-Rajoub praised the actions of the Palestinian Bar Association against Abbas for monopolizing all authorities.

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