Alert to Android users! ‘Joker’ spying on you, delete these apps immediately


The Google Play Store has thousands of apps that people download and install for different uses. However, some Android apps from the Play Store may harm you. These apps can steal your financial information and can even lead to financial fraud if you’re not careful.

Cyber ​​security researchers at Zscaler’s ThreatLabz said there are a total of 11 apps that people should be wary of. These apps contain malware from the Joker family that tampers with your smartphone. Joker is designed to spy on people, steal information, and monitor text messages. This spyware is designed to steal SMS messages, contact lists and device information, and to register the victim for premium wireless application protocol (WAP) services.

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When it accesses your device through apps, it can lead to many unexpected behaviors including financial fraud. Therefore, you

According to Zscaler researchers, more than 50 Joker payloads have been detected in the Android app in the past two and a half months, with some apps being more targeted than others. Primarily, the malware targeted applications related to health and fitness, photography, tools, personalization, and communication categories. Researchers say the malware writers are constantly changing their methods to bypass Google Play’s security mechanisms and investigative procedures.

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Here is the list of applications that you should remove from your smartphone if you have installed them.

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