Algeria organizes Hamas-Fatah reconciliation talks


The two main Palestinian factions will meet in Algiers next month for reconciliation talks, informed sources said Sputnik News on Friday.

Sputnik reported the informed sources confirming that Algeria will organize the new rounds of reconciliation talks between the leaders of the two movements in hopes of reaching an agreement.

Palestinian factions and Algeria find it necessary to end internal Palestinian divisions in the face of continued Israeli aggression against Palestinians, combined with the US’s disdain for the Palestinian cause.

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Lebanese Al-Akhbari The newspaper also reported on Friday that Algeria had pressured Palestinian factions to hold their meeting as early as possible.

Fatah withdrew from Palestinian institutions after Hamas insisted on assuming responsibility for the Palestinian government after winning an overwhelming victory in transparent parliamentary elections in 2006.

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Fatah, aided by the Israeli occupation, pushed Hamas out of its government building in the occupied West Bank and closed its parliament headquarters in Ramallah after the Israeli occupation detained most of Hamas’s freely elected MPs and mayors.

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Since then, several Arab countries, besides Russia, have failed to bring the two movements back together as Israel continues to threaten the Palestinian Authority (PA) that an agreement with Hamas will lead to a total boycott by Israel.

Presidential, parliamentary and Palestinian National Council elections should have taken place in 2021 by presidential decree, but the PA president canceled them on the pretext that Israel would not have allowed the Jerusalemites to vote.

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