Alleged assassination plot against Speaker of Western Cape legislature ‘devoid of any truth’


By Mwangi Githathu November 20, 2020

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Cape Town – Just in time for the DA’s Western Cape Provincial Congress, an internal investigation revealed that allegations of an assassination plot against Western Cape Legislature Speaker Masizole Mnqasela were “untrue”.

The AD’s Federal Legal Commission (FLC) investigation, chaired by Glynnis Breytenbach, found the assassination plot allegations to be a rumor.

A meeting of the federal DA (FedEx) executive on Thursday evening received and deliberated on the FLC report on the matter and on Friday morning congress presidents ruled that congress would proceed as scheduled on Saturday with the election of all posts. as expected.

Federal Council President Helen Zille said: “The FLC found the allegation to be totally false.

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“The source of the false rumor, a man known only as Zizi, was eventually traced to our FLC and filed under oath.

“Zizi’s motive for passing on false information to Mnqasela remains unknown at this stage.

“We know that Zizi and President Mnqasela know each other well, calling each other ‘nephew’ and ‘uncle’ respectively.

“The police are investigating and the DA has made their information available to the police,” Zille said.

“In his affidavit to the FLC, Zizi states that on September 18, he observed a meeting taking place in a restaurant in Cape Town and overheard snatches of conversation, which led him to conclude that one of the candidates, Transport and Public Works MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela may have intended to harm the other candidate, President Mnqasela, ”Zille said.

“Zizi then informed Mnqasela, who accordingly reported the matter to the VIP Protection Unit, which opened a further investigation.

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“Madikizela learned of this allegation against him when Crime Intelligence reported their investigation to Prime Minister Alan Winde.

“However, the FLC concluded, after a thorough investigation, that the ‘conspiracy’ meeting mentioned by Zizi could not have taken place.

“Zizi’s story therefore has no credibility.

“The restaurant, in which Zizi claims the meeting took place, has been closed since the start of the lockdown and remains closed.

“In addition, Madikizela has proof that he was in a virtual cabinet meeting during this entire period in question on September 18 and nowhere near the restaurant in question.

“After rechecking the details of the allegation with Zizi, the FLC concluded that the alleged meeting did not take place and that the allegation was untrue.”

Winde spokesperson Bianca Capazorio said on Wednesday: “The prime minister met with the police over the allegations of Madikizela’s assassination plot against the President.

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“The Prime Minister can confirm that he was briefed on the allegation by President Mnqasela and, due to the nature of the allegations, has met with SAPS about it.

“He urged President Mnqasela to provide the details of the whistleblower directly to SAPS so that it can conduct a full investigation, and called on Madikizela, who has denied all allegations, to cooperate.

Meanwhile, Zille said the FLC berated Mnqasela for failing to assess the information provided to him before passing it on to the police and Winde.

“The FLC also berated Madikizela, for openly denying the allegation before it was in the public domain, thereby spreading it further.

“The DA wishes to find out Zizi’s motives in passing on manifestly false information intended to harm the DA and its congress,” Zille said.

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