Alleged retail prices of Samsung Galaxy S23 models revealed


Alleged retail prices of Samsung Galaxy S23 models revealed

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<p>The Samsung Galaxy S23 could cost more in Spain, Korea and other parts of the world.  Tipsters @rquandt and @GaryeonHan revealed the alleged selling prices of the Galaxy S23 in Spain and Korea respectively: </p>
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Galaxy S23 (8GB/128GB)

959 euros


Galaxy S23 (8GB/256GB)

1,019 euros

1,155,000 won

Galaxy S23 (8GB/512GB)


1,276,000 won

Galaxy S23+ (8GB/256GB)

1,209 euros

1,353,000 won

Galaxy S23+ (8GB/512GB)

1,329 euros

1,474,000 won

Galaxy S23 Ultra (8GB/256GB)

1,409 euros

1,599,400 won

Galaxy S23 Ultra (12GB/512GB)

1,589 euros

1,720,400 won

Compared to the retail prices of the Samsung Galaxy S22 at its launch in Spain, the base model of the Galaxy S23 costs 100 Euros (~S$143) more than the Galaxy S22. The base model of the Galaxy S23+ is priced 150 Euros (~S$215) higher than the Galaxy S22+, but consumers enjoy double the base storage. The same goes for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

In Korea, the 8GB/256GB variants of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ are more expensive than the Galaxy S22 counterparts at 155,100 won (~S$165) and 154,000 won (~S$163) respectively. The 12GB/256GB model of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is priced 147,400 won (~S$157) higher than the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the same configuration.

Please note that the above calculations are based on exchange rates at the time of publication and prices may vary by market due to different taxes. With inflation rising and component costs rising, it won’t be a surprise if the Samsung Galaxy S23 models sold in Singapore cost more than the Galaxy S22 series.

Source: @rquandt, @GaryeonHan via SamMobile


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