Alli said to copy Man City star to end Tottenham’s bad form


Date of publication: Saturday, October 31, 2020 8:01

Troy Deeney says Dele Alli must adopt Kevin de Bruyne’s hard-working attitude if he is to end his poor form at Tottenham.

After breaking onto the scene in 2015/16 and enjoying three productive years because of it, Alli has struggled in recent seasons.

His contributions to goals have dropped significantly and his playing time, especially under Jose Mourinho, has also declined.

In fact, Alli has only played in two Premier League games so far this season. He was also among those to be removed at half-time Spurs shock, 1-0 defeat in Europa League against Royal Antwerp Thursday.

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This has led to further suggestions that his stay in North London may come to an end. And Deeney has suggested a move might be a good thing for him, but insists he needs to improve his work ethic if he is to return to his best.

“I don’t know if Dele isn’t a great coach, but that’s what you mean,” he told The Sun (via The Mirror).

“And when you also hear about the intensity with which teams like Manchester City and Liverpool train, you understand how they’ve taken it up a notch. Mourinho is now trying to replicate that at Tottenham.

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Kevin De Bruyne is a beautifully gifted player but, when you play against him, you are quickly struck by how hard he works.

“Dele must do the same. And maybe he needs a different club to get the most out of him.

Pundit advises Alli to seek a new adventure

Earlier this week, Alli was also asked to think about the departure of Spurs from Danny Mills of Sky Sports.

Rumors have it that the midfielder was considering leaving in the summer transfer window, but ended up staying as a move to PSG did not materialize.

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But with Alli seemingly out of favor under a manager who has made it clear he is not impressed with his laziness, Mills says a change is now needed to keep his career from stagnating.

“He’s been at Tottenham for a long time and he’s had incredible success. But I think if he doesn’t show what Mourinho wants to see by the end of January, he might need something different, a new challenge, ”Mills said.

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