Alliant response to Gallagher poaching: Female workers left due to ill-treatment


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Alliant Insurance Services fired back at rival Arthur J. Gallagher in response to Gallagher’s request for a temporary restraining order against Alliant, accusing Gallagher of “rampant sexism, discrimination and unfair treatment of women.”

Gallagher’s request for a restraining order came as part of the latest lawsuit against Alliant filed late last month. Eight women immediately gave an abrupt notice for several days in July in a move Gallagher said was orchestrated by Alliant to steal customers.

Gallagher Sues Alliant Again for Alleged Employee ‘Corporate Raid’

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As part of Alliant’s complaint filed Aug. 3 with the US District Court in the Northern District of Illinois over the restraining order, it said Gallagher’s unfair treatment of women led to their dismissal.

“This case is about women who were so fed up with Gallagher’s sexist and unfair treatment that they each decided to do what countless hapless workers in this free country do almost every day: leave for a better chance,” Alliant argued in court. document. “All Gallagher can prove that Alliant did is hire Gallagher’s employees and give them better opportunities. Of course, competing for talented employees who are free to leave is not a tort. That’s called capitalism.”

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The filing includes statements from all of Alliant’s new female employees at Gallagher, outlining Gallagher’s alleged sexism, discrimination and lack of housing. A woman, apparently the first of the group to resign, said Gallagher had filed for a temporary restraining order against her, but the court rejected it and the case was resolved “in need of money.”

“Contrary to Gallagher’s papers, these women did not leave because of a conspiracy concocted by Alliant,” Alliant said, adding that Gallagher has no evidence to back up his claims. Alliant said none of its new hires have taken confidential information from Gallagher and have not approached Gallagher customers.

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Gallagher said it has no comment.

The case is Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. v. Alliant Insurance Services, Inc., 1:22-cv-03931, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois.

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