Ally Langdon refuses to comment on Lisa Wilkinson’s revealing memoir


Ally Langdon takes to the highways when asked about Lisa Wilkinson’s revealing memoir – and insists her today’s co-host Karl Stefanovic “is incredibly generous”

Allison Langdon keeps a dignified silence on Lisa Wilkinson’s explosive Today show.

Speaking to the Blackbox TV podcast this week, the 42-year-old chose not to address Lisa’s memoir and instead offered words of support to her today’s co-host, Karl Stefanovic.

“It’s very difficult for me to comment because it was before my time,” she said when host Rob McKnight pressed her about Lisa’s book.

Take the high road: Allison Langdon maintains a dignified silence on Lisa Wilkinson’s explosive Today show. Pictured with Karl Stefanovic

“I can only speak for the way he’s now seated next to Karl, and he’s the most generous, incredibly generous co-host,” she continued.

“My background is obviously all I can talk to. What happened with Lisa was before my time, so I don’t think it’s really appropriate for me to get involved or comment.

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Ally’s comments come just days after Stefanovic offered an elegant response when asked about Wilkinson’s claims over the weekend.

“Brother, I have too many positive and wonderful things in my life to talk about,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

‘I am very happy. In work and in life, ”he added.


Praise: “I can only speak for the way he now sits next to Karl and he is the most generous, incredibly generous co-host,” Ally gushed.

Wilkinson’s explosive new book includes a chapter devoted to his sacking from Channel Nine and falling out with Stefanovic over a wage dispute.

She alleges Stefanovic offered in August 2015 to join forces to renegotiate their nine contracts – much like the cast of the American sitcom Friends worked together to negotiate better deals with NBC.

But she claims he ended up giving up on the idea and instead pitted rival networks Nine and Seven against each other in order to get a better deal for himself.

“Weeks later… the media was inundated with stories that Stefanovic was agitated at Today and in search of greener pastures – and more civilized working hours – at Channel Seven,” she wrote. .

Stefanovic was soon at the center of a bidding war between Nine and Seven that resulted in him re-signing a five-year contract with Nine worth at least $ 2 million a year.

Wilkinson’s deal was worth much less, around $ 780,000 a year, and was only two years old.

“There was no doubt about it: Karl certainly knew the art of the business,” she wrote, adding that the resulting pay gap between them “was so off the charts that no one would have believed “.

However, that wouldn’t tell the whole story, with reporting this week that Wilkinson had in fact earned more than Stefanovic for years when they first joined forces on Today, and this is only at the end of their partnership that the roles reversed.

This damning article – which challenges Wilkinson’s most important claim about his Today show release – would have sent the book’s publisher in a major twist.

Harper Collins Australia demanded that a copy of the briefs be returned by the news website after the article was published, sources told Daily Mail Australia.

“They exploded and demanded their copy,” an insider said of the website.

‘I’m very happy’: Karl (left) responded with class to Wilkinson’s (right) revealing memoir over the weekend, telling the Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Brother, I have too many positive and wonderful things going in my life to talk about this stuff ‘