Alpine won’t let Alonso and Ocon F1 rivalry get out of hand


Alonso’s return to F1 has opened up the exciting prospect of an uphill battle between the Spaniard and his young French teammate Ocon, who is in the final season of a two-year contract with the team.

With Alonso having always been ruthless in her dealings with teammates in the past, Alpine is well aware that she needs to be aware of how their relationship is developing.

However, Alpine ambassador Alain Prost says the Enstone team is particularly aware of the risks that could arise from Ocon destabilization – so they will work hard to ensure that there is a good dynamic between. its two pilots.

“If a driver is destabilized, it is not normal,” Prost said in an interview with the French newspaper. Le Figaro. “What is normal, however, is that a psychological game is taking place. There is always a pilot who takes over.

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“If it’s a pilot once, then the other [another time], it’s balanced and things are going well. When it’s more regular, as Esteban experienced last year with Daniel, it’s more complicated. It is therefore very important that the pilots work well together and that there are no dangerous games.

“It’s going to be a long season, and these COVID years are also complicated to deal with. It’s not very fun, locked in bubbles with incredible restrictions.

“The dynamics and the atmosphere of a team are extremely important for performance, so you have to be very vigilant to ensure that there is no degradation, first and foremost, among the riders. “

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Gerhard Berger, President of ITR, Alain Prost, Alpine F1 Team, and Jean Todt, President, FIA, on the grid

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Images

Alonso has already shown an unwavering determination to throw it all in on his return to F1, although Alpine doesn’t appear to be in a position to fight for the victories this year.

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Prost said that while Alonso was a demanding character, it was up to the team to respond in the right way to that if they were to move forward.

“A pilot with such a personality automatically brings something in,” he said. “Fernando is very demanding and a perfectionist. He demands a lot. It is up to us to take that into account.

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“But he is also aware that it is probably not this year that he will be able to win races on a regular basis. What is certain is that even for a point for tenth place he will fight body and soul. soul to bring it back.

“But you have to remember that it’s always the driver pair that makes a team progress. We expect a lot from Esteban. He now knows the team. We have made a difference for him, especially his track engineer. was made to make it as comfortable as possible. “


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