Amazon criticized for forcing driver to work during tropical storm


Online commentators called out to Amazon last week after viewing images of the doorbell showing a driver from Florida delivering during Hurricane Nicole.

The footage was posted on Reddit’s “Next F****** Level” forum by David Satterfield, the owner of Deadwords Brewing Company in Orlando, Florida. It has collected over 50,000 upvotes and over 2,000 comments. You can watch the full video here.

Nicole made landfall Thursday morning as a Category 1 hurricane just south of Vero Beach with sustained winds of about 75 miles per hour. As it passed through Central Florida, the hurricane weakened into a tropical storm and eventually a tropical depression; cities like Orlando and Kissimmee had wind gusts of 66 and 52 miles per hour, respectively, TBEN 35 News reported.

Despite being a low-category storm, Nicole caused significant damage in Daytona Beach and left thousands in the Sunshine State without power. Satterfield also told Redditors that his neighborhood had suffered more damage from Nicole than from Hurricane Ian. That’s why he was shocked to see an Amazon driver at work during the storm.

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Online commentators called on Amazon last week after viewing images of the doorbell showing a driver from Florida delivering during Hurricane Nicole.

Satterfield told News week that he closed his brewery last Wednesday and Thursday to “protect staff and customers” for Nicole.

“However, we are right next to the location [hosted] the Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC), and we [expected] be struck from Friday to Sunday. In that regard, I ordered ten battery phone chargers from Amazon to borrow festival-goers,” he said. “I needed them Friday morning, so I ordered them on Wednesday for delivery between 5-7 AM, assuming ‘overnight stay’ would be Friday. because of the storm.”

But Satterfield was wrong.

“I get up at five so I went out on my porch [Thursday morning] to watch the storm. While I was there, the Amazon driver pulled up,” he said.[I] 100 percent didn’t expect that delivery – the gusts and rain from about 2-7 a.m. were pretty intense.”

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Satterfield said he gestured to the driver to let her know he was coming to her. But as his now viral video shows, the driver wasn’t listening. Instead, she walked onto Satterfield’s porch and delivered the package to him in person. After a brief exchange, the driver told Satterfield he was “having a nice day” and went back to her truck.

Satterfield said he admired the driver’s “tenacity”. But he didn’t think she should have been out during the storm.

“As hurricanes go, this wasn’t huge. But during those hours, it was vague — definitely too vague to deliver (at least in my opinion),” Satterfield said.[M]y pack of battery chargers was definitely worth the effort and safety risk.”

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Redditors Respond

As it turns out, many Redditors agreed.

“The real next level here is how disgusting Amazon is for making them work,” u/ExcitementOrdinary95 said.

“This is actually sad,” u/94bryanna said.

“F*** Amazon,” u/Ametrine87 added. ‘I can promise you that this poor soul doesn’t earn enough to give her life [on] the line.”

Some commentators argued that the driver probably works for a third-party company, not Amazon itself. They also said that she may not have been forced to work, but chose to run a shift. News week has contacted Amazon for more information.

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