American Airlines to add new premium suites in 2024 race for high-paying travelers


Seats in American Airlines’ New Flagship Suites


American Airlines on Tuesday unveiled new suites for some of its longest-haul aircraft, in an effort to haunt high-paying customers as demand for travel returns.

The new suites, which will have flat seats and a sliding door for privacy, will debut in 2024 and mark the end of American’s Flagship First Class, the top offering on many international and other longer-haul flights.

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The initiative is the latest effort by an airline to add more seats for travelers willing to pay a higher price for more comfort on board. Major executives of US airlines have recently said vacationers are spending more for more premium seats.

Airlines have been downsizing or phasing out first-class cabins for years to fit redesigned business-class seats and premium economy sections.

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Rows of New American Airlines Flagship Suites


American Airlines seat for its new Flagship Suite seats



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