American crisis: President Trump accuses his lawyer, Giuliani, of being impeached – TBEN


President Donald Trump blamed his lawyer Rude Giuliani for his second indictment on Wednesday, according to TBEN

The president also told people to stop paying the attorney’s legal fees, according to the news network citing a source.

TBEN reports that although it was not clear to Trump’s aides whether the president was serious about his instructions, given that he lashes out at nearly everyone after the events of his second impeachment.

Trump, who is the 45th U.S. president, became the first of them to be indicted twice when the House of Representatives confirmed his impeachment on Wednesday, a week after he was accused of instigating his supporters to launch a deadly attack on the US Capitol.

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Trump was impeached by the House on a single charge of inciting insurgency.

The attack was reportedly the incumbent president’s push to stop Joe Biden from being certified by Congress.

And TBEN reports that Trump has blamed his longtime personal lawyer and many others for the predicament he finds himself in now.

The lawyer, who is expected to play a role in Trump’s impeachment defense, has reportedly been left out of most conversations so far.

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A White House adviser told TBEN that “everyone is mad at everyone” inside the White House, with the president upset because he thinks people don’t defend him enough.

“He’s in self-pity mode,” the source said, as Trump complained that he had been under siege for five years and sees this latest indictment as a continuation of that.

But many people close to the president see the current situation as different from his first arraignment.

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“His actions got here, no one else,” the White House adviser said, adding: “He got a crowd to charge the Capitol building to stop certification, he’s not going to find a lot of sympathetic Republicans . “

American crisis: President Trump accuses his lawyer, Giuliani, of being impeached


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