Amy Poehler, Pixar chiefs explain why they’re making ‘Inside Out’ sequel: ‘It was top secret’


The obvious possibility of a sequel has been hidden in plain sight all along.

In the very last scene of Pixar’s 2015 Oscar-winning hit Inside outAfter young Riley manages to get through her family’s move abroad using her emotions personified, comes this story from Amy Poehler’s Joy: “She’s got great new friends, a great new home, it can be no better. After all, Riley is 12 now… What could happen?’

On Friday at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, that possibility became a reality, at least publicly, when Pixar chiefs Peter Docter (who co-directed the first Inside out) and Jim Morris announced Inside Out 2 will hit theaters in 2024.

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“It’s like that” [movies] wherever I go people [say] ‘Oh my God, you made it’ Inside out“And they have a story about how it touched them, how it touched them deeply,” said Pixar filmmaker-turned-CCO Docter shortly after the announcement (watch above). “What I always said with the first was, when we look around, we should feel like we’re really visiting [only] 10% of what goes on in Riley’s head. There is just so much more to discover.” (In other words, count on some new emotions being introduced as Riley battles teens — probably hormones and stuff, à la To blush – in part 2.)

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“To take it to the next level, where the story is about a teenager and going through that set of emotions, and emotions that come in at that moment, it’s just such fertile ground, and it’s what everyone goes through,” added Pixar president Morris.

Pixar films typically take about four years to produce, which means: Inside Out 2 has been in the making for two years now. That also meant that Poehler had to keep it a secret until Friday.

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“It is exciting news. You want to share good news, and we’ve been working on it, and we’ve been recording and re-recording, and Pixar, as you probably know, go through so many iterations and drafts,” Poehler told us.

“So we were on it for a while. It’s been top secret. A lot of body doubles. Lots of unmarked cars.”

—Video produced by Jen Kucsak and edited by Jason Fitzpatrick

Inside Out 2 opens June 14, 2024.