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Amy Rose interviewed Andrew Thompson of Post Wrestling for a new interview. The following text was sent to us:

Amy explains why she signed with ROH again this year: “The reason I decided to go back to Ring of Honor, to stay with the company, is because they honestly take care of all of us. During this whole pandemic, I would say there were maybe nine months that I was unable to attend the events. So all of my contributions were made via social media, creating content for fans on [ROH] Week after week and throughout this process, Ring of Honor kept paying me and my colleagues, which said a lot. It meant a lot to me that they were ready to take care of us and help us through these difficult times. There are a lot of companies that I have seen that weren’t that nice, let people go during these tough times and that’s what really helped me make the decision to say, ‘Very well, you have invested in me. Now I have the opportunity to come back and be at the shows. I will give 110% there.

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The other reason I decided to stay with Ring of Honor is that I feel like they are my family. I’ve been there for a very long time now. I started 2017, like you said, ringing the bell and never looked back. I crushed it, I went through the dojo system and it is my family members. These are the people I spend so much time with, so for me it was really an easy choice.

Hope ROH’s women’s division reboots / if they plan to wrestle more regularly: “So I think for me I really like all aspects of wrestling. I love being at ringside as a manager, I love helping guys come together, make plans, make it all happen, and I just love being able to be a part of the game. Not necessarily being in the game, for me that’s really special. I love to tell a story, so for me it’s always really cool. But, I’ll say after so much time in the Ring of Honor dojo, all the drills I’ve done, all the matches I’ve had, all the times I’ve had my ass, I would really like have the opportunity to step into the ring and represent for the women’s division in Ring of Honor, and I hope and pray that just like the Pure division, the women’s division is also restarting and we can bring in new women and hopefully get time for this ladies of honor championship. “

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The ups and downs of the ROH Women’s Division: “Definitely. I think there have definitely been ups and downs. There have definitely been struggles. A lot of talent that will start with us and eventually find opportunities elsewhere. Sometimes it will cause a little setback, but I believe when we come back it will be something different and it will be a lot more focused and a lot more attention will be given and I’m excited to see all the new talent that can come in. I’m so glad to see the girls who are been there for a really long time: Sumie Sakai, Mandy Leon, I’m horny for Angelina [Love], all these women who really did not have the opportunity to shine during this pandemic. I’m so excited they are coming back and having this opportunity and saw Maria Kanellis coming now she hears everyone’s voice so I think the best thing you can do is pick your honor like her says so. Tell them, tell them that women’s wrestling is important to you guys and tell them who you want to see in the ring.

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