Angie Everhart denies apartment neighbor after argument


An Angie Everhart representative has denied allegations that the former Playboy model “robbed” her neighbor’s house after an argument.

On Thursday, July 28, Everhart’s neighbor Christina Savar told: TMZ that the two had an altercation over Savar’s dog barking too loudly late at night.

Ms Savar claimed she heard her doorbell ring later that night, but didn’t answer.

The next morning, she claimed her front door and balcony were covered in egg yolk and shells. She immediately called the police.

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According to TMZ, no arrests were made and no charges were made.

In addition, it is believed that no more calls have been made about any of the women.

An Everhart representative told the publication: “She clearly had nothing to do with this, which is why the police didn’t even press charges.

“Angie would never do anything to set a bad example for her son. This woman received an eviction notice from the building today, as she has had consistent problems with many of the neighbors.”

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Speak with page six, the representative added: “The woman was given an eviction notice from the building because of all the complaints against her.

“Angie had Covid and her neighbor’s dogs never stopped barking from morning to night. The fact is that the police came and did not even want to file a report.”

Mrs Savar said: TMZ that she intends to leave the premises.

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Everhart has been modeling since 1995 after appearing in several editions of Illustrated Sports. She posed naked for Playboy in February 2000.

TBEN has reached out to an Everhart representative for comment.