Ann Coulter: Fetterman’s Murderous Campaign Helpers – How It Really Happened


dr. Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz recently attacked his opponent, the ludicrous Lt. gov. John Fetterman, for a pro-criminal record that would embarrass George Soros. In particular, he criticized Fetterman for employing Dennis and Lee Horton as aides to his campaign, who spent 27 years in prison for a horrific armed robbery murder.

Drunk with his own righteousness, Fetterman hypocritically replied, “Does Dr. Oz believe the wrongfully convicted should die in prison?” He added that the brothers “spent 27 years in prison for a crime they did not commit”.

Members of the media, who fervently believe that our prisons are simply bursting at the seams with completely innocent men, didn’t need to hear more. Suddenly, the entire media-great tech-entertainment conglomerate was shouting at Oz: HOW DARE YOU, YOU MORAL BANKRUPTCY SHOWER BAG! THESE TWO MEN WERE PROVEN INNOCENT!

Were they now?

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Here’s how the media is telling “the actual story,” as bleakly provided by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who majored in “Easily Fooled” studies at Brown University:

“According to brothers Dennis and Lee Horton [and who would know better?]on Memorial Day 1993, they were on a joyride when they picked up their friend, a man named Robert Leaf.

“What they didn’t know was that Leaf had just killed Samuel Alemo and was currently being chased by the police.” [sketch that scene for me, Chris]. They were apprehended and all three men were arrested.

“The police involved in the case were accused of using a range of problematic tactics during the investigation.” [yes, they were “accused” — accusations laughed out of court by Democratic judges]; eyewitnesses changed their story [they did not] after prosecutors tried to pin the crime on all three – including the Hortons.

“And the file of the public prosecutor, which was only made available in 2018 [I think we know why, Larry Krasner!], including a note stating that Leaf is the shooter and a police note indicating that Leaf acknowledged his role – all seemed to clear the Hortons. [total B.S.]

The Horton brothers, who are black, refused a plea deal because they said they did not want to plead guilty to a crime they did not commit.”

Below, I’ve edited Hayes’ description to include only those parts that are relevant and truly true:

“on Remembrance Day 1993…

“a man named Robert Leaf

“They were…arrested and all three men were arrested.

“The Horton brothers… are black.”

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Fortunately for people interested in knowing the truth—a group that certainly doesn’t include Chris Hayes—the Horton brothers spent their years in prison, hiding the courts with frivolous appeals, so it’s possible to find out how these innocent lambs were somehow convicted of A CRIME THEY DID NOT GIVEN!

In dismissing their most recent appeal, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court summed up the “evidence presented at trial” — that is, evidence presented in public court, supported by physical evidence and eyewitness accounts, cross-examined and believed by 12 members of a jury:

“On May 31, 1993, [Dennis Horton]his brother Lee Horton (“Lee”), and a co-conspirator Robert Leaf (“Leaf”) robbed Filito’s Bar on 5th Street and Hunting Park Avenue.

“During the robbery [Dennis Horton], who was carrying a rifle, shot Samuel Alemo several times. Alemo later died of his gunshot wounds. [Dennis Horton] also shot Luz Archella and her daughter Luz Martinez, injuring them both. Leaf brandished what appeared to be a black pistol as Lee took money from bar patrons. After leaving the bar, the three men fled in a blue car.

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“A passer-by was able to provide the police with a description of the vehicle and a partial license plate. A radio call was sent describing the three attackers, their vehicle and the last four digits of the license plate. A police officer observed the vehicle a short time later, just a mile from the crime scene, and placed [Dennis Horton] and his companions arrested.

“Police found a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle from the back seat of the car, as well as a black bullet rifle under the passenger seat. Ballistics tests identified the rifle as the same weapon used during the robbery at Filito’s. [Horton]Lee and Leaf… were taken to the hospital where Martinez and her daughter, as well as another bar patron, Miguel DeJesus, identified them as the robbers.

(The judges, by the way, were all Democrats, including the only black woman on the 38-member appeals court, who subscribes to the theory that the prison is “The New Jim Crow”.)

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As you can immediately see, a problem with the media version of events is: What the hell happened to the other two guys?

This was a daytime robbery of a bar, where two of the assailants were walking around taking the customers’ wallets at gunpoint – not a nighttime robbery witnessed 20 yards away. The victims had plenty of time to observe the perpetrators. As often as criminal defense attorneys attack eyewitness accounts, the patrons were sure it was three boys, not one; that they were black, not white; and they were male, not female.

But more importantly, right after the murderous thieves were gone, a passer-by called the police with a description of the car, including four of the six numbers on the license plate. Within minutes, that same car was stopped by the police a mile from the bar. And you’ll never guess what they found in that car… three black guys and a recently fired gun!

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Explain again how the Horton brothers were in that car?

Immediately after their arrest, all three men were positively identified at the hospital by the people they had shot at earlier that day. But even without that identification: they were caught in the getaway car just minutes after the crime.

So if I understand correctly, the media theory of the crime is as follows:

Immediately after the robbery – and I mean right away! — Leaf told his REAL henchmen: I have a fantastic idea! Get out of the car. I know these two brothers – the Hortons – who look exactly like you and I’m pretty sure they wear the exact same clothes. Their car is also identical to yours and – you’ll never believe this – their license plate is just two digits away. I’ll just call them to pick me up and wait here on the side of the road with the long barrel – and easy to hide! – gun we just fired – OH CRAP! IT’S THE POLICE!

Look, it would be one thing if Fetterman defended his years-long PR campaign on behalf of the murdered Horton brothers by saying: They have served long enough! Everyone deserves a second chance. I wouldn’t agree, especially since the brothers continue to deny their guilt – but at least in that case Fetterman would be just a gullible fool, not a vile, bald liar.



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