Announcing the results of the first semester of the 12th grade today


The Emirates Foundation for School Education announced that today is the date for announcing the results of the first semester of the current year for public school students.

The Foundation indicated that it has set a timetable for announcing the results and making them available to students through the student portal, to ensure that all students obtain their results with ease and ease, as students in grade 12 will be able to obtain their results today at 10 am, and students in grades (9-11) from three o’clock. At noon, while students in grades (1-8) will be able to view their results tomorrow (Friday) at three o’clock in the afternoon, and all students will be able to print their results during the announcement day designated for them, starting from 6:00 pm until 6:00 Morning.

Acting Executive Director of the School Development Sector, Dr. Yahya Al-Ansari, said, “The institution set the schedule for announcing the results over two days (Thursday and Friday), to allow the student and his guardian to enter the system easily and smoothly, without the presence of any technical challenges,” explaining that “within Results period The system is witnessing great pressure on the grading system (the system) by students and their families, which makes it difficult for them to obtain results quickly.

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He stated that «the results of the first semester do not mean the final result of the student, but he has the opportunity to raise academic achievement, during the second and third semesters, and to acquire knowledge and other skills».

He added, “The Foundation’s team is constantly present to support students, as our goal is to aspire to develop public education, within the framework of the directives of the leadership of the UAE.”

And according to the guide for the policy of evaluating student performance and applying tests for the current academic year, which was finally approved by the Emirates Foundation for School Education, the system for evaluating students in the third cycle (grades 9 to 12) is in group (A) subjects, and the evaluation weights are distributed among the three semesters. At the rate of 30% in the first semester (10% for the formative test, and 20% for the final exam), while in the second and third semesters, the weight of the assessments is 35% for each semester (10% for the formative, and 25% for the final exam), and the total weight of the formative test for group (A) subjects is 30%, and for the final exam, it is 70%.

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The subjects included in group (A) include: mathematics, Arabic and English languages, science, Islamic education, social studies and health sciences.

The guide mentioned the method of calculating the student’s grade in the completion certificate for the 12th grade, focusing on five procedures, which is that the course grade at the end of the academic year is calculated from the weights of the three semesters of the formative and summative assessments, and that the total grades of the student are the grades obtained from the subjects of group (A). , which appears in the form of letters and numbers, and the student’s average is extracted from dividing the sum by the number of subjects in group (A), and subjects in group (B) are subject to unified central evaluations, and the evaluation is in letters and not in grades and is not included in the total, and the scale of grade distribution differs according to the educational path It appears at the bottom of the certificate.

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