Anse Chastanet connects guests with St Lucian Art


Anse Chastanet, a resort distinguished in part for its abundance of local art, now connects guests with St. Lucia’s creativity through one of its newest experiences.

At Anse Chastanet, a secluded setting on the shores of a 600-acre verdant estate made up of lush jungle that climbs the escarpment from the sandy shoreline, it combines an eclectic indoor-outdoor space featuring the work of St. Lucia’s artisans and contemporary works of art by both local and international artists. Each room offers views of the Caribbean Sea, tropical forests and Pitons.

Here, individually designed suites and open-sided public spaces showcase an art collection brought together by the owners, Nick and Karolin Troubetzkoy. A dedicated gallery then showcases the work of Caribbean artists, such as local woodcarver Lawrence Deligny, on the resort’s beach – among the artists who left their mark on the property, Deligny created the carved wood sculptures on display in the restaurants of the resort, as well as the carved columns and wooden balustrades that can be seen in every panoramic space on the slope.

Now the resort is strengthening the connection you have with St. Lucian art during your stay with the 2022 launch of free art classes (twice a week), as well as private sessions, with St. Lucian artist Naja Misaki Simoen. Known in the art world as Sakey, the artist’s murals can be seen all over St. Lucia, as well as in the resort itself.

As a tribute to the island from which he comes, Sakey takes inspiration from the local flora, fauna and natural landscape for his murals. This is also the theme he takes up in all his open-air classes taught in front of the resort’s beachfront gallery or on an excursion to another part of the Anse Mamin estate.

In these classes, the artist guides you in translating the landscape through the medium of paint, following his stylistic approach or embracing your own artistic vision.

Inspiration for your artworks can be drawn from the views this site commands from these southwestern shores and across the Caribbean waters to the island’s famous Pitons or from the exploration of the wooded Anse Mamin estate, this island’s verdant botanical gardens and the environment rich in marine life found beneath the surface of a marine reserve off these coasts.

Anse Chastanet co-owner Karolin Troubetzkoy has long been instrumental in making the promotion of local art a part of the resort’s identity, first starting an Art in the Hotel program in 1985 to work closely together. work with local artists and craftsmen to create unique Saint Lucian art for the property.

Since that time, local and international artists have collaborated to create the resort’s eclectic art collection, from the paintings on display in each of the 49 suites to the restaurant’s intricate carvings. By inviting international artists to live and work at the resort for up to four weeks, Karolin has been able to foster a creative exchange between local and international artists at the property.

This promotion of local creative talent works in tandem with Troubetzkoys’ focus on preserving the hotel’s optimal economic benefit in the community, with a network of local seamstresses and artisans who also handcraft all of Anse Chastanet’s furniture and fabrics.

As a resort focused on connecting guests to St. Lucia, this is just one of the property’s newest experiences designed to give you a sense of island life.


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