‘Anti-cyclist’ throws thumbtacks over Yishun PCN, leaving around 30 riders flat – TBEN Singapore News


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Netizens posted videos and photos of a person’s thumbtacks scattered on sidewalks near Yishun, causing damage to the tires of cyclists in the area.

This has been going on since Sept. 19 (Monday), and about 30 riders have had tires punctured by the tacks and had to be repaired, according to a post on the Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road Facebook page on Wednesday (September 21).

“Police reports have been made and officers have been investigating the locations around the 200+, 300+, 400+ and 600+ blocks in Yishun,” the post added.

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The video shows people picking up thumbtacks on the sidewalk to prevent further damage.

The @sgviralvids account shared the same video on TikTok captioning it with “pins have been deposited all over Yishun PCN…riders and joggers be careful…hope the culprit is caught #yishunthumbtacks #sgtiktok🇸🇬 #sgtiktok #sgviral #Singapore


Thumbtacks are everywhere in Yishun PCN…riders and joggers be careful…hope the culprit is caught #yishunthumbtacks #sgtiktok🇸🇬 #sgtiktok #sgviral #singapore

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Another video posted by Mar AttutuDe on GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore’s Facebook page showed someone also picking up the tacks at Block 348A and shining a light on the path to collect the thumbtacks since the video was shot at night.

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On Tuesday (September 20), Ms. Deon Ng shared photos and videos on her Facebook page, expressing her dismay at the incident, which not only posed a threat to horse riders, but also pedestrians.

“Since ytd till today, all over the Yishun area, I don’t know who wants to sabo the riders, lots of riders, some even front and rear wheels, throw a thumb tag over it, hey, you don’t think just sabo the riders, you sabo the pedestrian too, what if children step on it? What if your family steps on it?”

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SG Road Vigilante also posted a video on YouTube about the incident, writing that Yishun cyclists were “ambushed” and warned them to “beware of thumb tacks”.


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