Anusha Dandekar explains how she handled the breakup with Karan Kundrra, reveals the state of her relationship


VJ, model, singer and actress Anusha Dandekar, who was in a relationship with TV actor and her ‘Love School’ co-host Karan Kundrra for several years, called on her partner to resign after he said he was cheated on .

Anusha had remained silent when reports of their obvious split began to circulate in the media and in January of this year as well, she denied the rumors of a breakup initially, but later mentioned that she had been cheated into the past.

Now, in an interactive session with fans on her verified Instagram handle, Anusha has once again opened up about the split and disclosed how she handled the breakup.

During her #AskMe session on her Instagram, when a fan asked her how she handled the breakup with Karan Kundrra, adding: “I know you must have been torn 4m inside … but you looked so strong, Anusha replied, “You know, I wasn’t torn from the inside, I was more shocked and disappointed at what I had accepted all these years. When I walked away and saw the reality of what was happening … how much love and respect for myself I had allowed myself to lose … I really broke my heart. .. if that makes sense. “

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When a fan asked her about the status of her current relationship, Anusha said, “fall in love with me and find someone who will make me laugh ugly like that hahaha and who will also be HONEST, loyal and not having afraid of a real woman! “

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Opening on how she handled the worst time of her life, Anusha replied, “I don’t believe in bad timing … I believe in what you post out there is coming to you, our karma, the things that must teach us, help us to grow, to break patterns, to let go of our childhood, to heal. The worst things in life can always be turned into our greatest lessons and advice for the present and the future. . “

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For the reverse, on December 31, 2020, Anusha shared a note on Instagram. She wrote: “So there you go, before the end of the year … Yes I did a show called Love School, yes I was your Love Professor, yes everything I shared and advice I have given has always been real and coming from my heart. .. yes I love it so hard, so hard … yes I don’t leave until I have nothing left to try to fight for, yes even I am human, yes even I lost myself and a bit of my self-esteem, yes i was cheated and lied … yes i waited for an apology, which never came, yes i learned that i actually had to apologize and forgive myself. .. And yes I have grown, I have grown and I will continue to grow. all of that and look at the positive. “

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